Friday, August 07, 2015

Future thoughts

I find it paradoxical that the younger we are the less we concern ourselves about the future. Now when you are just a kid you haven’t had enough life experience for a basis of your future thinking. However, wouldn’t it be more sensible for a 20 year old to think and care about the future more than a 60 year old?

I see the opposite happening. I in my sixties ponder the future more than I did decades ago. Could it be that my personal future appears to be approaching quicker?

For this post, the future I’m referring to is the time coming in more than 10 years from now. Much further up the road than we typically take the time to consider during our busy days. Also, I don’t claim any inside knowledge or predictive talents. I’m not stirring tea leaves. I wasn’t even able to reach pinball wizard status.

2025 - ? It’s only 10 years away. Remember the one hit wonder song called, “In The Year 2525”? Now that’s way out there, 510 years from now. I had to look up the group that sang it. The duo Zager and Evans hit song's predictions covered about 10,000 years. One of their predictions is test tube (in vitro fertilization) babies for the year, 6565. They misjudged how quick this technique would become popular.

Future pondering often leads down a religious path. That’s ok. I’m not taking that path on this post but I will share one recent religious thought.

While driving down a very scenic highway in eastern Tennessee on sunny Sunday morning, I noticed a sign telling me, “Jesus is coming soon”. The sign looked old (many years) so I don’t think their prediction was very accurate or their definition of “soon” is different than mine.

This isn’t a picture of that sign (I was driving then) but one from a scenic overlook on that road:

Thinking of definitions, I suppose you could say “change” is the opposite of “constant”. But isn’t strange that change is constant?

Drinking my senior coffee at McDonald's ($0.69) this morning I thought - in the distant future will it be senior energy drink instead?

I believe a concern for the future and its future children provides a good guide. Music will continue to emotionally move us to think too.

Back when he went by Cat Stevens, his song asked:

I know we have come a long way
we’re changing day to day
but tell me, where do the children play?

pic from years ago in small town on the Adriatic sea

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