Thursday, June 25, 2015

it's back -- Friday Fragments

Mrs. 4444’s has decided to age her Wisconsin cheese (sorry I felt it my Illinois duty to make one last cheese joke) and pass on the Friday Fragment meme duties. The FF meme has been picked up by A Star in My Own Universe. (I do like the science reference in her blog name) This will be her first hosting so click over to her site and pitch in and help with your linked post.

LMAT Lisleman’s Meaningful Advice and Thoughts: (to my surprise LMAT also stands for the Livermore Metagenomic Analysis Toolkit which I’m guessing is probably more beneficial to mankind.)

~ My body has been running for more than half a million hours! For years now it runs with a tire around the middle. It is so easy to get a flat on my car why can’t my body tire go flat as easily?

~ Adjusting to retirement is easier if you tend to be lazy. (now don't tell me this is related to the last one about the body tire)

~ Recently on a road trip through Kentucky - Passed a woman adjusting a store sign on the side of the road. Her sign highlighted, ice cream, haircut, massage, and waxing. We didn’t stop. The ice cream sounded good but I would worry about finding hair or wax as a special topping.

~ Cleaning the garage does not qualify as a hobby.

~ unfurl - why do we unfurl more than we furl? You’re so young. You don’t know ABBA.

Wait there's more - Here's news-you-probably-missed:

Don Featherstone  pic from Associated Press

The creator of the plastic pink flamingo lawn ornament has pass on.  He was 79. All lawn flamingos will stand on one leg in tribute.  Oh wait they already do that.

Potbelly adds pulled pork sandwich
If this menu doesn’t go well it will make an interesting future headline; “Potbelly pulls pulled pork sandwich”. BBQ pulled pork rates high in my list of sandwiches. Do you have a list of sandwiches? Would you like a list? Myself I would rather have a sandwich than a list.

As I said in a recent post - ramble on.

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