Thursday, March 05, 2015

hazy fragments

I'm sure most of you are totally finished with this hazy shade of winter. Bring on the spring!

I can't do anything about winter or spring, but I can bring on the fragments.

And look around you, the leaves are brown now,
And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.
Hang on to your fragments, my friend.
That's an easy thing to say but if your fragments should pass away,
simply pretend, that you can post them again.
(Mrs. 4444 has been collecting them every week so there is always next week.)

big display but no color, music, or video

Killer apps - what exactly do they kill? Oh wait wait don’t tell me, time.

Bought my wife a mood ring (sorta nostalgic). I don’t think it works. When she is in a good mood it turns green but when she is a bad mood it leaves a red mark on my face.

the funny hatasaurs
Wow the internet was strange the other week. Madonna took a spill in a show and broke twitter, 2 llamas got loose in Arizona and the chase was better than OJ Simpson in a Bronco, Facebook and twitter went nuts over the color of a dress.

My old laptop (Macbook pro) doesn’t wake up very well anymore. Either a frozen screen or the WiFi drops. A reboot typically works out the problem. Since I am a seasoned veteran of the internet (old fart) and can recall the sound of a good dial-up connection it’s only a minor annoyance.  I can relate.

Had a strange dream the other night. This lion crashes through a window and devours a piano player. I don’t remember what song he was playing. So added to my morning ritual was the puzzle of why a pianist-eating lion invaded my dream. Then I remembered, I watched a nature documentary on lions before bed.

Funny, I've been there and you've been here And we ain't had no time to drink that beer
Points for the song title with those lyrics.

still looking for the right piece

Eating taters with tots is much better than eating tater tots. Better tater than never. Any of you remember when I wrote about Isabelle Tolling and Holly Moses? (a link to remind you) 

I might try to expand on that story. I’m curious to learn what readers think of my attempts to be witty. I’m not sure how this muse thing should work (in other words it’s Greek to me?). Calliope was a muse but I’m not amused and often feel used. Well amuse me and leave a comment.

Oh for those readers that need a lyrics hint or just want to listen to a good oldie - take a listen:

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