Tuesday, March 10, 2015

what’s in a name

Bill Shakes Apear once said something like, “What's in a name? that which we call a donut by any other name would taste as sweet.”

Her face looked familiar. Then I heard that ringing laugh. Its ring transported back to my late teens. She could be none other than Isabelle Tolling. I had to turn around and find out.
“Isabelle, Isabelle Tolling”, I ask.
She looks, gives a long stare and says, “Ben Fardown?”
“No, no, I’m Dat, Dat Nutin”.
“Dat, Ben, I have forgotten too many nicknames. Yes I remember now. Wow it’s been a long long time.”
“Long Long Time, Linda Ronstadt Silk Purse album, 1970”, I shoot back.
“Oh yeah, Dat the nutin lyrics geek. It’s all coming back now. Wow, remember hanging out with Freddy, Holly, Cina -”. There seems to be more names trying to get out of her head but she pauses.
“What ever happened to Holly Moses? God, remember her blowing up over our waters jokes.”
“I searched for her on Facebook awhile ago. After Cina found me. No luck.”
“Facebook, what love hate relationship that site is for me. How’s Cina Bunn?”
“She moved to west coast. Really into the mediation natural living earth thing. Raises chickens.”
“Chicken and buns. Hmm, that’s making me hungry. I wonder if she makes good gravy.”
Isabelle cuts me off with, “Holly had a secret crush on you, you know.”
“What? No way. Really? Sister Golden Hair - “
“America, 1975!” she quickly completes for me.
“Good one! Clueless me. I was busy spending time and money on Mindy Orrbizess. Turned out to be a big wasted effort. Her friend Moon B. Ova finally showed me the light.”
“Well maybe her crush was short lived. No matter, it’s long past now.” she reminds me.
"Old flames, then smoke gets in your eyes. So tell me, how long did you date Chuck Crunchin Sands?”.
“Hey be nice, he hated being called Crunchin.”
“Ha, he be crunchin loud all through the cafeteria. His crunching drove Mickey D. Holdpickle nuts. When I look back, I didn’t like the Ahem U. Gointufinishthat name I had for awhile. ”
She laughs and looks out the window. “Time sure does fly. Fun to reminisce but I’m running late for a meeting. Let’s friend each other.”
“Funny how friend became an action verb. Sure, dat be fine.”
Memories keep flowing in as Isabelle turns and disappears out on to the street. Using those nicknames again kicks the idea of writing swirling in my head.

Hey if you listened to the hits in the sixties you might remember singing this name game:

Ok, what do you think? Will this nickname idea become A Few Clicks Short of a Pageview?

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