Monday, April 21, 2014

can you remember when

Such a lovely weekend. Finally a warm fresh breeze showed up to greet me. I probably set my mind down too long because my mindset is a bit off today.

Summer will be here before you know it. If I’m lucky she will take me to a beach. Life is often not much of a picnic but a good picnic can make you feel alive.

I remember back in my school days when Isabelle Tolling announced the class picnic.  It rang out through our group. Sara Party wouldn’t stop asking me about it but then she was always wanting to know what was happening.

We all wanted Freddy Fingers to miss hearing the news. However, hoping the party would go well into the night we made sure Bill A. Fryr got the news. He always was good for a match.

Joy Birdsong borrowed her dad’s car and flat out refused to let Iris Speeding drive it. They put the top down and cranked up the music. I enjoyed the ride from the backseat. I never figured why they picked up Ben Fardown. He was alright but I was leery of him being on the up and up.

Just as I dropped the blanket on the sand, I saw Holly Moses. Oh, her figure burned a hole in my brain. She commanded me to find her tanning oil. I suggested we just part the waves and chill. Tommy Quicktalk made a move and she was gone.

I tried a little beach volleyball but Carey Overtop spiked one on my face. The cold water eased the swelling. Isabelle was concerned about me. Even today if I pick-up a shell I can heard her sweet voice ringing.

No time to wallow in the mire - come on leave a comment!


Joanne said...

Isabelle Tolling--hahahahah. Very good reminiscence of teenagerhood.
Isabelle Tolling--ask not. But, it's not for you.

lisleman said...

Oh that's good one. Sounds like the response I usually got. thanks

Frau said...

Boy what a memory you have! I'm excited for the warmer days and long evenings to linger on our porch until the mosquitos run me inside!

lisleman said...

Mosquitoes attacks can ruin a nice evening. My memory gets distorted as the years pass by. I was having fun with a few odd names. thanks

Scarlet Blue said...

A perfect day!

Iris Speeding was stopped by a policeman, he waved her down... he got out of his car, approached her, put his hand on her shoulder, looked her straight in the eye and said: irish stew.

lisleman said...

Good (would I sound more Brit with brilliant?) - She met another one from the same tribe? For fun we should start a funny name/nickname game. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

You have a real talent for naming people. Who wouldn't love having the name Holly Moses.? That could be fun.

lisleman said...

Not that I would ever consider giving anyone those names. Nicknames can be fun. We all had nicknames in the neighborhood growing up. The nicknames changed occasionally. For awhile I was called Wild Bill. Two of the guys were Moose and Mole.

lisleman said...

thanks for reading and letting me know you liked it.

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