Saturday, December 06, 2014

oh the apps

Oh my aching app.

just switches NO apps

Go ahead tell me, I’m just having a nostalgic moment. I’ve found nostalgia builds with age. I also find solutions are often created for problems that don't really exist.

Here at the Lisleman Institute for Better Posting we have been alerted to recent developments in the gadget filled world surrounding many of us.  Most  gadgets are useful or at least entertaining (others not so much - see “lets discount this) but I don’t agree with producing gadgets for just the sake of adding another gadget to our world. Tell me what you think of these latest developments:

  • Baby pacifier gadget/app - Assuming pacifiers are still only for babies (I’ve heard youth is being prolonged more and more so who knows?) this product just doesn’t make any sense. Bluetooth enabled and equipped with a temperature sensor, it will report the baby’s temperature on your smartphone. That’s nice but I would rather use one of the newer non-contact thermometers which are less expensive and probably more accurate. Another feature listed is being able to find a lost pacifier. Well ok sure, but for the price of this one pacifier I could have bought a dozen or more spare pacifiers. (did you know there are some comical pacifiers available now? - mustache, Billy Bob teeth)
  • Digital tickets replacing real paper tickets - Professional teams around the country are switching to digital tickets and apps. Big deal or so what you might say. I don’t attend many big games so after watching a big game at the stadium I like to keep the ticket as a souvenir. A code in your smartphone app does NOT make for much of a souvenir. Perhaps this is a reason for more selfies being taken.
  • Online Girl Scout cookie sales - Will this bring an end to the buy-my-kid’s-cookies campaigns at work? I guess we now have a new excuse for the kid at the door. Sorry, we buy ours online. Now I didn’t see anything about wireless connectivity regarding these cookies. I could use a bluetooth enabled cookie jar.
picture taken from site

I've looked at smartphones from both sides now,
from up and down, and still somehow
it's smartphone illusions I recall,
I really don't know smartphones at all

(bottom note about wording - I started coding way back in the 80’s. I used and wrote applications on a Unix system. Today it seems the term app has been “refreshed” to only refer to smartphones programs. The background history of computing and programming is still very recent. Seriously do we need a new verb for software program development?   appification??   Go stick your appification up your cloud.)

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