Wednesday, December 03, 2014

lets work on this

Bloggers are very creative, so I'm asking the right group.

Later in life (later is a nice relative term) a common occurrence happens when we look at celebrity news. It happens enough that it really needs a name.  A hashtag would be even more useful.

Here's my description of it: You are reading a magazine, a newspaper (ok I know I'm one of few still doing that), or maybe watching the news and it hits you - Celebrity so-and-so is how OLD? When the hell did that happen? Oh shit that means I'm old. It can't be. I remember him/her when they were smoking hot.

Calista Flockhart turned 50 last month. Yanni turned 60 last month (he was in his 40’s last year right?). How is this possible?

Dick Clark at most any age

Dick Clark (died at 82) had a youthful look well into his 70’s. I wondered if he was an alien since he didn’t appear to age.

Whatever we call this it's popular. It's so popular that the first section of my aunt’s AARP magazine that I read is their 'Big 5-oh' page (alright full disclosure - it’s MY AARP magazine). They also list 6-oh 7-oh etc.

So if that celeb news shocked you a little, what do you call that event that just happened to you?

Calling it "oh shit" is not descriptive enough. Here's some of my suggestions:

Celeb Security

As you can see I need some help with this. Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

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