Sunday, October 05, 2014

smartphone tragedy

Today with light hearts, we here at the Lisleman Institute for Better Posting feel compelled to report on a terrible first world problem has hit the urban hipster population hard:
The I-phone 6 bends in hipster jeans.

TOO BIG for anyone's pocket

The problem is this latest ultimate high-classed thin smartphone was not designed to bend ( I’m not sure if the hipster jeans were meant to bend either). Can you imagine the angst running through you after finishing your hipster chai, you stand up to discover your new I-phone 6 is bent and broken? The very gadget you paid hundreds of dollars for someone to stand in line so that you could be the first one at the club with one. (a moment of silence please)

hipster jean pic from tumblr

The Lisleman solution - 
Bring back the fanny pack (oh “fanny” would not be a good descriptor for Brit slang speaking hipsters) and make it hip again. Hey, it’s retro right? The expensive I-phone 6 would be secure in your skinny fanny pack.

Please understand I’m a big apple fan. I researched and wrote this post on a MacBook (I think it was a hip gadget once). However, I believe Apple messed up on this recent product release. I would not go as far as (but do find it hilarious) dissing the company with a fake ad like this one:

(Disclosure: I have NEVER slipped on a pair of hipster jeans since attempting it would test the laws of physics and leave those embarrassing jeans stuck on my ass.)

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