Tuesday, October 07, 2014

new and exacerbated

disruptive -
I’m not sure which year it started. Certainly by the early 2000’s it would show up in ads and brochures of technology products. I was just reading a PR (press release) today that touted their new product as “...a disruptive set of solutions across a…”.

Interesting how marketing can give a negative type word meaning general trouble, a new meaning of innovative. A disruptive solution is a good thing? Really was innovative just overused? Sure I agree that “new and improved” was long overused.

Strange how old can become the new hip new because it’s retro. Of course, I doubt any hipsters would desire a retro salary. Using words out of their common context is fun.

Slang (by definition?) changes quickly. Years ago I learned the hip-hop “oh snap” is used to indicate an epiphany or to emphasize a point.

Oh snap, I should make my blog more disruptive.

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