Thursday, October 09, 2014

more fragments piling up

Picture this (but with your MIND not your smartphone), you are a blogger, your fragmented ideas are piling up, pressure is building but these fragments don’t seem worthy of an individual post. What do you do?

Eat chocolate?  Twitter?  I guess twitter might work but I don’t use twitter so forget about twitter and don't fatten up on chocolate.  My solution for this common problem is Friday Fragments by Mrs. 4444. It’s like a well drained wash tub that you just can’t overflow.

kids do better at trick or treat

Hey chocolate lovers (not myself really but if you have an extra Snickers I’ll gladly take it off your hands), I read in the paper this week about a blog that gives a daily forecast and map for the chocolate smell coming from the Blommer Chocolate Factory. Here’s the forecast for today: 
Winds shift from the northwest for the first time this week, bringing the cocoa smell across the river into the Theatre District and parts of the loop. However, weaker winds mean the smell won’t carry as far today.

on the smelling good side of the street

I read the following on G+ today:
Respect your parents
They passed school without google

Hell I passed High School without a calculator. I earned an A in physics with just a sliderule (I could probably still calculate with one if I could find one).

this was a really good one, mine was cheaper

The blog, Mama’s Losin’ It, recently posted how the movie Dumbo was creepy. I recall the Wizard of Oz having a creepy part. It’s a top favorite of mine but those flying monkeys were creepy. The scariest movie I saw when I was a young teen was "The Birds". Give me Dracula or Frankenstein over pecking birds any day.

Oh speaking of movies, did you hear that a Tetris movie is being made?   Really? 

Wow did you notice how those two shapes are the perfect fit for their roles?

the Lego movie was good

Will George Clooney now become a man of constant sorrow? Hint watch "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". George was recently married in Italy. Do you think he sang a verse of that song at the reception?

It’s always hard to know for sure about these things, but I believe blogging has improved my smartass remark finesse. I see a vast improvement in my smartass comments/replies. 

Oh remember, a smartphone in your back pocket does not make you a smartass but perhaps the opposite.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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