Thursday, September 04, 2014

friday brings funky fragments

Another week has been taken from the future and dropped into the past.  Our modern world allows us to record our favorite fragments of our latest past. Now I'm not suggesting that my Friday Fragments posts are deep sublime records of importance. Much the opposite really.  Just chips and dust from the rocks rolling in my head.

Oh, don't forget your FF posts are very welcomed at Mrs. 4444's blog located in the cheese section of the internet (I assume Wisconsin residents are required to support cheese).

click this link for more trip pics

Not in the loop? Some loops are like treadmills, they just don't go anywhere.

On our recent trip, my sister and BIL took us to a fabulous hamburger place in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. It really does sit at a T-intersection with not much around it. You know you are there because of the vehicles parked along the road leading up to it. We joined the long line to get in and the line was still long when we left. Great burgers and a to-die-for peach cobbler with homemade ice cream. The name of the place is Meers. Here’s their website.  Oh the parking meter in the pic doesn’t work.

plenty to chew on

In other food related news - “I’m lovin' it” creator not lovin' it anymore. McDonald's U.S. Chief Creative Officer Marlena Peleo-Lazar who created the “I’m lovin it” tagline is leaving the Oak Brook-based chain.

Truth available on a t-shirt - 
Embarrassing my children, just one more service I offer.

Most everyone knows by now that Google and Facebook track your online actions for their advertising customers. Well Google must know TMI on me because I keep seeing this “wear better underwear” ad. TMI right?

I don’t give a funk about it. (hmm, I don’t think anyone can give a funk. But you can be funky)

Facebook at times becomes funkbook for me. It needs more rainbows, lollipops, happy kids and less postings about problems and political views.  Funkbook can put me in funk.  Yet another thing I often don’t give a funk about.

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