Monday, September 01, 2014

blogged out

I'm sure Disney owns this image

All blogged out. Is that possible?

You can get burned out on most everything. Oh no I said too much. I haven’t said enough. (R.E.M)

Blogging sure has changed over my years of working at it. Said it before, say it again (BTW that approach can work to create more polished postings). Blogging for me requires regular feedback. Comments often spark an idea in my mind or a different view on my idea. Even very short quick comments let me know someone has taken time to look.

The Tinkerbell effect is a big factor for my blog. Comments like Tinkerbell clapping give the blog energy. Now if I had the audience size, Tinkerbell enjoyed the comments could become a big blur. I don’t expect that problem.

So this is my attempt at a new twist of the Tinkerbell effect - Tinkerbell guilt.

Leave a comment.  (I think I hear Captain Hook approaching)


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