Thursday, August 28, 2014

a fragment followed me in here

Quick shut the door behind you. Those fragments have gotten nasty over the summer.
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buzz me

Consumers stockpiling cash - These words were used in a recent stock market article I perused. Oh sure people have been known to stockpile stuff. Doesn’t the word imply that the item being piling up is a stock of something? Like a stockpile of crackers, peanuts or beer (Tony Bennett singing My Favorite Things just popped up in my head. Too early for Christmas?). If you have a stockpile of dollars and coins you should probably invest it. The stockpile should be called an investment. The article specifically called out checking accounts. Unlike before the great recession of 2008, those accounts now offer about zilch in interest. That being the case I guess the term investment is not very accurate. However, if you’re holding extra cash for emergency funds then call it a buffer/insurance for possible emergencies. That sounds like good planning not stockpiling. Do you think stockpiling is the best term to use?

Ok, writing even a short fragment about savings and investments is boring. No wonder people find investing difficult. Bored out of their minds they lose interest (both types).

some days I just want to

Has this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge run its course yet? It has been reported that our granddaughter has been giving ice bucket challenges to her stuff animals. I asked her (not yet 3 yrs old) about the ice bucket challenge the other day.  She proceeded to grab a little cup and pretending it has ice water, tipped it on her head, and laughed.

Record amounts of donations for a great cause and many refreshed cooled off people, but you know how these overdone fads get to be annoying. Remember that Korean star with his dance song, Gangnam Style? Or the Harlem Shake? (there were no set moves in that right?)

I confess that after practice and a few drinks I enjoyed trying the Macarena.

Another pic from our recent road trip

Hairs on my keyboard, smudges on my screen. Could that be the start of an urban cowboy song? I still use a keyboard with real keys that move.  Tapping screen keys just doesn't do it.  If I was older I would probably long for the click-clack of a typewriter.

No matter how hot and humid it becomes, I remind myself it is still room temperature in my house.

my ship coming in

The other day Unknown Mami of San Fran blog fame mentioned the use of Getty Images. They sell their images for $$$, but you can embed a selection of them. So I tried out their free non-commercial embed feature.

A few shots, photoshop and magic!

Now what type of job does this pretty lady have?  Nice European looking office.  Oh I know, she is a model.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Writing my boring stockpiling fragment put me in a Tony Bennett mood. I’ll leave this clip here so I can listen to Tony while I read your comments.  There will be comments right?

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