Monday, August 11, 2014

dogs it's complicated

I don't have a current relationship with a dog (or a cat).  It's not like I don't like dogs.  One thing I've learned about myself is I don't want to be a dog sitter.  Dogs should be the ones sitting.  Sit!

When dogs visit they should be accompanied by their owners.  I don't want to take over any dog responsibilities.

There were a few times in my life when I was a dog owner.  Marley lasted the longest.  Waldo had to be adopted when I changed apartments and our family grew.  Waldo made it clear that I was not a great dog trainer either.  Good dog owners are also good dog trainers.

You don't need to be a dog lover to enjoy funny dog pictures.  I've used the two last pictures below before on my blog.  The top picture of Grizzly has not been posted before.  Not having seen Grizzly for a few years, I not sure he still has that baby face.

Oh one more dog related thought.  My BIL asked me the other day,
"Do you know what happens when you put your wife and your dog in the trunk and then open it awhile later?

The dog is still happy to greet you."

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