Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Why do they exist?

I just don’t understand. I’m not too refined but I’m fine.

quick appetizer?

A dictionary definition says that appetizers are used to stimulate one’s appetite. This could be my problem because my appetite rarely needs stimulation. It’s typically ready to go, anytime anywhere. But really is my appetite that different? Would a skinner person out there please stand up and explain why their appetite needs stimulation.

Now, I know there are eating disorders. That's a medical problem and you'll need to check other sites for that discussion.  However, I’ve had plenty of missed orders related to my food. Often if you complain, good restaurants will give the mistake to you free or give you a free dessert. I once became a family legend with my ordering of Oriental Chicken Salad.

Much better restaurant than Applebees

I recall it was on slow trip through Indiana. Typically I'm very low keyed, even mellow. My motto is lighten up people. But don't lighten up the ingredients on my Oriental Chicken Salad. When you sprinkle driving time on top of hunger I get easily provoked.

The Applebees was busy but not overly so and we were seated quickly. I knew I was ordering the Oriental Chicken Salad when I flipped on the blinker to exit the interstate. Wife and kids decided their orders, gave the order, and then waited. The problem was not the slow turn around.

The orders were messed up. Daughter's Bacon Cheeseburger had no bacon. Then I noticed my salad was missing those crispy oriental noodles. I love crunchy.  Crispy crunchy noodles are the essence of this salad.

The waiter tells me they are out of crispy noodles. Too many problems here - I need some face time with the manager.

I bluntly explain to the manager that had I been told about their shortage of crispy noodles, I would have ordered something else.

I accepted some type of replacement and daughter's Bacon Cheeseburger comes back with bacon now but NO cheese.

Manager stop by to ask how we were doing. Not well, I explained.

In the end, the problem was rectified by the manager giving us the total meal free and including free desserts for the group. The other benefit came later when my famous stand for noodle rights became a family legend.

Now I ask you, would an appetizer have made a difference in this situation?

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