Monday, August 25, 2014

small changes

ch ch changes - remember David Bowie?

Oh look out you rock-n-rollers.

Our recent trip presented us with an unexpected change. Just a minor thing really. On the bathroom scale of problems it was nothing but a small annoyance.

We have been living on a low budget. Actually we have a high amount of time and low amount of cash. We have been stretching out the life of our car. So we agreed to rent a car for our recent trip through three nearby states. We made use of our AARP discount.

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I decided to work with a local office of a major rental brand. The office (really just a counter in the lobby of big hotel) was very convenient. Due to its limited size, I discovered the car selection on the day of my reservation was just one car. The other car would have been an upgrade. My selection of ONE was a new (new is good) Fiat 500L. The good news was gas mileage was low to mid 30’s mpg. I’ve never driven any of these Italian cars before.

Practice makes perfect - they say. We have done many road trips over the years.  In preparation for our road trip I packed about 15 CDs of my favorite mixes. She-who-guides-the-way went to our library and checked out a few audio books on CD.  We were prepared in the audio sense.

Recall ten or twenty years ago it was very common to have a cassette player included in your car options? Overtime the cassette option disappeared and the CD player replaced it. Guess what? The CD player has been replaced. Holy smartphone that I don’t own.

Our rental had a nice “media” player with a large touch screen. I just assumed there was a CD slot somewhere in it. There wasn’t. The CD was replaced by choice of audio jack, SD memory slot or USB connector. Fortunately, we had brought along an I-pad and its USB cord. The media player controls worked well with the I-pad. We now have more music loaded into our I-pad.

I would never buy a Fiat 500L. While there were a number of good things, the dislikes outweighed the likes.

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