Thursday, August 07, 2014

fluttery fragments floating free

Oh silly me getting stuck on the f sound again. It’s Friday (internationally speaking), the only day with a ‘f’ in it. Monday is the only day with a ‘m’. People are seldom in the mood for a Monday. I hope you are in the mood for my Friday Fragments post. Mrs. 4444 has been collecting these FF posts for years on her blog. She must have enough fragments for ??? I don’t know. Any ideas?

I'm not sharing nuts today

I’m still crazy after all these posts. What’s it all about? I can’t explain it. I don’t see it coming. It just happens. Still with me (thanks for hanging on here)? Often after reading a post somewhere, as I dance into the danger zone of a comment section, a strange idea will pop up. Since my brain is still connected to my typing fingers I leave a strange comment. (seriously I do blog sober but not somber) Maybe I have left one on your blog. Over on the blog, “Empty Nest”, I left the following strange comment:
Some days I think my key to happiness broke off in the lock.

In other Lisleman news - I got a letter in regular snail mail from one of those identification protection companies. They offered a free trial. I don’t get it. How would I know if someone tried to steal my identification during their trial period? Also, I’m worried that the protection company might steal my identification. You know, they would be experts at it. Maybe you could call them for me. Tell them its me and see if they can spot the difference. I promise if asked, I don’t know you.

this one is for Mrs. 4444

Just a minute. (behind the blog Lisleman reaches deep into his fragment bucket)

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Does your state have an unclaimed property program? Illinois does and I was surprised to receive a letter from them the other day telling me they might have something for me. Something like money. I quickly went online and filed a claim. I just cashed the check from them this week. Sweet. Not big bucks. Less than $100. My best guess would be that maybe a credit card I canceled once had a refund that I didn’t know about. Funny how unexpected amount of money can feel better than a larger amount that you did expect.

one of life's surprises

Joni Mitchell didn’t have blogs to read when she wrote “Both Sides Now”.
I've looked at blogs from both sides now,
from up and down, and still somehow
it's blog illusions I recall,
I really don't know blogs at all

For all you non-morning people - wishing you a late start to a good day. 


Half-Past Kissin' Time

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