Thursday, July 10, 2014

yo fragments yo

another yo, another dude, another cool, another snap,

Yo, whassup with slang?

Yo. I might start saying yo more. Maybe combine it with dude. Yo has made a young man, Or Arbel, a valuable person within some tech circles.  He has developed a popular app called Yo.

I don't know if Mrs. 4444  says yo much.  It doesn't matter because you can always give her a yo and visit her blog for a collection of FF posts.

Yo applies to many things. pizza?

An app called "Yo", which took 8 hours to develop and literally does nothing but let you send one word, "Yo," from person to person has venture capitalists backing this developer with 1 million dollars.  Yo, now that's real money.  (story link)

While checking into a few details about the Yo app I noticed it had already been hacked. That tells me that an 8 hour development time app is probably not safe in the hacker world we live in.


After seeing a picture of our youngest granddaughter helping her mom (our daughter) make cupcakes in just a diaper, I told her that was a smart idea since we have a family tradition of eating our food all over our clothes.  Yo.

I had not spilled yet

Yo. Do you know if there ever was a wrinkled look in fashion world?  I’ve been ready for it for a long time.  Wrinkles add nice texture to your clothes - right? I even a fashionable name to market them, crinkles.

Since I didn’t live over 100 years ago I have no idea of how products were marketed. However, I don’t think they were exposed the overdone hyped-up products like we have today. One overdone thing are these transformer movies. Time for the studios to move on to something else. I don’t typical pay much attention to movie reviews.  A movie reviewer's recent title provided me a laugh:
Latest 'Transformers' worth seeing only if your air conditioning breaks

(Disclosure:  Yo.  I noticed fellow FF blogger Dawn, wrote a post about this movie. I must admit that I have NEVER watched any of the transformer movies but of course that doesn’t stop me from sharing my opinion on today’s social media.)

Yo, leave a comment.

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