Friday, July 11, 2014

this I know two

Welcome to the House of Lisle. Watch your virtual step.  The digital floor is slippery, we were just clicking and linking it. 

Now before you jump to correct my grammar in the title, I used “two” instead of “too” because I had posted a similar post before. If you were to dig back into my vault of knowledgeable enlightened postings (hmm what other over the top words could I use here) you would find the following gems:
(told you watch your step, these are fresh links)

You can’t know too much. However, you can think you know everything. A favorite expression I heard years ago is, “Often in error, never in doubt.”

Many things you view as important and desirable today will change years from now. Sheryl Crow wrote the lyrics:

It's not having what you want
It's wanting what you've got

I have memories on t-shirts. Do you buy souvenir t-shirts or hats? I find they help me remember the trip and I get good use out of them.

Lastly (for this post anyway), my years spinning around the sun has taught me that a favorite song from your past often brings new meaning when it is replayed for your older wiser ears. (assuming you can still hear well)

This favorite from the 60’s reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the United States in 1963, and was the only Japanese-language song to do so. I remember listening to it without a clue of what the words meant. (ever listen to opera? same problem). I love the whistling.  Now with youtube and translators we have the Japanese translation. It's amazing that the first line, “I look up as I walk”, should be current advice given to every smartphone wielding teenager.

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