Tuesday, July 08, 2014

new Beatles fan

As an American teen in the sixties I was practically assured exposure to Beatles music. I became a fan but also enjoyed many of the other bands at the time. I still consider them at the top of my list.  (Abbey Road is my favorite album if you are wondering)

It doesn’t surprise me that there are many tribute bands based on the Beatles today. What I like about tribute bands or bands that cover popular rock classics is being able to enjoy live performances of my old favorites. This past weekend our daughter and her husband were extra nice to invite me to watch American English with them at a nearby suburban festival. This was the third time I’ve seen American English. They sound great and play the Beatles role well with their costume changes. If interested check out their web site American English.

American English

Our daughter gave me a pleasant surprise (oh not all of her surprises were pleasant) during her teens when she became a fan of the Beatles. Now it appears that her daughter is becoming a Beatles fan. Our daughter likes this if only for the break from the non-stop Disney Frozen songs.

Of the many songs she heard the other evening, I think our new fan enjoyed “Get Back” the most. I was holding her during the song and singing along (benefit of her young age - she doesn’t ask me to stop singing but I’m sure she will before long) when I noticed a huge smile on her face when I sang “get back jo jo.” I asked her dad about the significance of “jo jo”. He laughed and said it is also the name of a cookie at Trader Joe’s. She also related to the word “Arizona” because she had gone on trip there not long ago.

new fan

Yesterday I found a clip of “Get Back” and sent her mom the link. Here’s the conversation they had:

Mom: Papa sent you something.
GrandDaughter: Where is he?
M: It's a music video
GD: Arizona!!! (very excited)
M: Get back Joe-Joe
GD: It's the Beatles (even more excited)

get back to a cookie
Well maybe I need a trip to Trader Joe’s to get back to Joe-Joe’s.

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