Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rikki don't lose that link

We hear you're leaving, that's OK
I thought our little online time had just begun
I guess you kind of scared yourself, you turn and run
But if you have a change of heart

Rikki don't lose that link
You don't wanna click nobody else
Tweet it off to your online self
Rikki don't lose that link
It's the only one you own
You might click it if you feel better
When you get online

I have a friend on facebook, he's heard your name
We can go out and take selfies
We could stay inside and play games, I don't know
And you could have a change of heart

You can't say I don't pay attention to comments.  On a recent music related post, playlist of memories, CaliforniaGirl500 (the '500' part of her moniker reminds of racing) wrote:
How 'bout Steely Dan? Do you like Steely Dan?

This poor Steely Dan parody is for you.  I think it needs more work.

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