Tuesday, June 17, 2014

are those moments still magic

Maybe not, but being able to recall how magical those moments were to experience brings a twinkle of magic.

My mind recalled my shooting-the-shit time today (one of many actually). When old shit gets really old it can stop smelling bad. Sometimes it will refresh a faded memory.

How many of you remember when cruising didn’t involve a ship?  (unfortunately tickets might be involved and nobody wanted those)

from Lucasfilm site

If my grandkids wanted to know about cruising, I would sit down and watch George Lucas’s American Graffiti movie with them. Back before food courts at an indoor mall, there were local hang-out restaurants. Some were diners and some were drive-ins with car-hops. Cruising on summer nights between hang-outs was a regular part of the dating game.

Wow, I remember the regular circuit into town and then back out. Nobody worried much about gas prices, maybe running out of cigarettes. Yeah cruising back when the gas was cheap and the windows were rolled down by hand. Shooting-the-shit and hanging out, I would have never thought a movie about it would become one of the most profitable films of the modern era.

my style of cruise ship back in the late 60's early 70's

Nice wheels you have there!

Pearl’s post today (titled "We Sometimes Went Days Without Taking Our Own Picture" ) and this memorable song I found on youtube got me remembering. Can you dig it?

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