Thursday, June 19, 2014

fitting in a few flippant fragments for you

Did you know Mrs. 4444 has a picnic basket full of fragments for us every Friday? Check it out and mind your manners while you are there.

She said the mosquitoes are big too

Mama told me I'd have to take showers someday. 

My skills listed on G+:
I can compose a paragraph and still have fun. I have fought autocorrect and won. With a fipple I can make you run. 

slipper dance

Sure you might remember James Bond’s nemesis, Mr. Goldfinger. But have you ever heard of Mrs. Goldfingernails? She had golden claws. 

I’m always working on perfecting my laziness. Hmm, that phrase would make a great T-shirt for me. How about you?  (this thought came to me during a comment)

I might have figured out my aversion to witnessing the early dawning of the day. I was born at 4:18 AM and most likely didn’t enjoy being awakened starting with my first breath of air.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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