Sunday, February 23, 2014

let's cut off the snow pics

The most useful rules are those that protect our sanity.  Most of the country (also some European locations like the UK) have had an insane winter.  So my rule for my tiny piece of blogland is no more snow related pictures until at least next December.

Here's a few pictures I took last summer.  Oh those of you in warm climates or even better, on the summer side of the planet please warm us up with a picture or two.

If I were a bee (which I couldn't be because the bees we see flying around flowers are all female) I would see this as a forest of purple trees.

Just a little purple to link-up with the many photo posts collected at Unknown Mami's blog.

Unknown Mami


Joanne said...

We must all be in the same playbook; winter is dwindling away on posts.

lisleman said...

Yes winter has been very widespread with its ice, snow and cold. thanks

BLOGitse said...

No more snow for me neither. This winter has been strange in Finland too. Got first snow in December. Now all gone, it's grey, more or less raining every day. Normally this time of the year there's a lot of snow and - 20C.

Star Traci said...

Those flowers are lovely. It's wonderful when the color starts to return!

lisleman said...

Yes spring time is my favorite time. The colors are not here yet but hope is starting to reappear. thanks

lisleman said...

Shifting weather patterns could be with us for many years. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks - maybe next week?? the current forecast is not too good.

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