Sunday, December 15, 2013

I might have caught it

I don’t know, usually my body can hold off longer than this. I suspect that getting older means you’ll catch it earlier in the season.

snow virus victim

The snow virus

Ever have it? Symptoms include sore back, aching joints and pains from new places, chills, runny nose from the cold air, wanting to stay in bed, and pretending to forget where the snow shovel is.

It has never been detected in children. In fact, children typically have the total opposite reaction to snow. They have been reported to cheer for a snowy day.

Now at my age, I vaguely remember days of fun in the snow. Such a long ago memory. However, having some kids in the neighborhood helps to refresh my memories of it. While just the other day on a dreaded snowy morning as I looked out and cursed the weather from my window, I noticed the two young neighbor girls pushing the snow around in their driveway and the street. They were making designs and I assume enjoying their snow activity.

Probably what brought it on this time was the heavy slush pile the snow plow left me at the end of our driveway. If someday you hear it reported that an old man was arrested for throwing snowballs at a city snowplow, well please donate for my release.

Once I was lucky enough to seek treatment for my case of snow virus in the Caribbean. There is magically thing in the air down there for curing snow virus. Could it be just the temperature?

no chance of snow virus here


gbs said...

You know where I live for the bad case if the snow virus. But you might have to wait till I get over my rock attack and operation!!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I caught that virus many, many years ago.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

The kids and I love the snow and haven't caught the snow bug. I think my husband caught it though. He just bought a small snow blower for me and the kids.

lisleman said...

I guess it keeps you in the south. thanks

lisleman said...

"for you and the kids" - ha nice toy for you. Did you get a pancake griddle as a "toy" yet??
funny thanks

lisleman said...

Yeah that rock attack is hell I've heard. Thanks GBS, I'll keep your offer in mind. thanks for browsing by.

Joanne said...

I may be terminal.

lisleman said...

No I just need to use an airport terminal.

VEG said...

I've had a gdamn cough for almost a month now due to a chest cold I contracted mysteriously after spending 24 hours in the air on an infection tube, as I like to call them. Cannot shake the cough and it's so bad some nights I managed to cough a muscle out of alignment with the Earth, in my back, meaning now I REALLY can't sleep. Grrrrr. AND I'M NOT OLD YET. Well not THAT old. Old enough, clearly.

lisleman said...

Old enough to call them flying infection tubes. Did you get a good seat at least? I've had long lasting coughs that always get worse at night. I think my problem is I can't sleep in an upright position. You know those bats are smart sleeping upside down.
Wishing you well, thanks

Bearman Cartoons said...

wife caught it and just hoping it doesn't catch me.

lisleman said...

Yeah I guess there would be no one to shovel then.

Cheryl P. said...

For the most part, I love fresh fallen snow. BEEEAAUUUTTIFULL!..but after the first pretty snow fall then I quickly grow tired of it. AND I totally agree with you about the snow plow dumping snow at the end of the drive. It never fails that while I am feeling all smug about how wonderfully clean my drive looks when ...swish...4 or 5 foot of snow block me in.

We haven't had any real snow yet in Kansas City, so I haven't had the chance to get tired of it yet.

lisleman said...

The snow only looks beautiful on spaces other than sideways or streets. Looks great in the woods. I don't know anyone who finds the dirty slushy stuff that sprays your car as anything other than a nuisance.
Oh a nice sandy beach compares very well with any snowy scene IMHO.

lisleman said...

Well that's true but bar hopping is slightly more dangerous since you might go face down in that cold gray slush.
I heard you don't shovel snow but people instead in NYC.

Jill Pearson said...

Sounds like an old fart virus! :-)

lisleman said...

Wow that's a virus too? Thanks for the excuse.

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