Thursday, December 12, 2013

friday fragment links

Here a link, there a link,
everywhere a link link,
old Lisleman has a blog.

What are you linking?

Today’s Friday Fragment post will be linking back Mrs. 4444’s blog where you can find even more links to FF posters (writers?).

I believe there are more links on the internet than there are web sites. Links come and go. There are all types of them but the broken ones left scattered pointing to oblivion are just frustrating. I will be recommending a few links today and I’ll check their operation. However, at the other end of the link a change could occur, breaking the link. Fortunately, it does not hurt when a link breaks. Also, when a link breaks on the internet only the people within earshot of the user can hear it.

Link following can consume great amounts of time. I don’t know if there is mathematical equation for the time consumed.  The formula (Lisleman's Link Law) would certainly contain some exponential operators. Of course you might not have time to explore my recommended links.

following the mom link

My first recommended link for your soul, comes from the FF master/diva/keeper/promoter herself, Mrs. 4444. Now you, being a fellow FF poster, might have read her post on the importance of letting family take your picture but if you have not check it out. Great post to put you in a reflective mood. It's title (linked back of course) is "Say, Cheese!"

time of year that fat is in

Next one worth reading is a funny memory by blogger I just discovered this year and is still new to me, don of all trades. His post has a catchy title too, Rockin' arcade fun and a bumper sticker for your penis.

hot heads

Holiday tip (note to self - remember to follow my own tip) Stressed and frustrated - there’s a NAP for that.

too many and it's sheets to the wind

May your holiday lights be bright and your posts read. He's a little clip of holiday cheer I created a season or two ago.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Joanne said...

Wish I could recall, put probably a NPR bit, someone followed old links and came up with long abandoned web sites, someone still paying the web hosting fees, apparently. Lost sites, even more lonely than broken links.

lisleman said...

I'm sure there are many lost blogs out there. Old sites with just digital tumbleweed blowing around stirring up pixels of dust.

Heather Smith said...

I am guilty of abandoning a blog, it just sits unused on its little corner of cyberspace... I really should just delete it but I never do

Laurie Matherne said...

Grandma's ride is honking smooth!

lisleman said...

thanks she likes it

lisleman said...

I have a blog or two that I don't use. I should probably go back and clean up any old words/pics/clips.

Judy said...

I have been linking while I was away however I was not able to go to other blogs. It makes me sad when a blogger decides to stop.

lisleman said...

There are many reasons for stopping. It's better when the blogger tells you they are quitting. Too often they just stop. Of course if I were to be hit by a truck or have a piano fall on me I would probably stop cold.

Star Traci said...

Love Lisleman Link Law! And hot heads made me giggle.
Hope you're having a great weekend!

lisleman said...

thanks maybe I should work on that formula.
Also good to share a laugh.
Have a great week.

Secret Agent Woman said...

You might want to consider making them pop-put links so that the site opens up in a new window, rather than taking the reader away from here mid-post.

lisleman said...

Thanks for the idea but I doubt it is worth it. Many people use a pop-up blocker and beside if they really want to read the linked material they probably would rather just go there and not worry about pop-ups and such. Everyone uses the web so different today. I like opening new tabs on my browser and then you have the smartphone viewer and honestly I'm not sure how the viewing is best on those things. I do all my blog reading via a laptop.

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