Monday, November 04, 2013

will it be a sweet tweet

Will twitter get bitter?

This week if you follow any business news at all you’ll hear (have already heard?) about Twitter’s IPO. Now the scary thing I find is people getting interested and hyped up about this and they don’t even know what IPO stands for (Initial Public Offering). I’m not going to rush out and buy any shares of twitter.

In a few months the Twitter stock price is going to be either up or down. I won’t care.

If you bother to read any of the news regarding the IPO you’ll quickly learn that the company has yet to turn a profit. Now that of course doesn’t mean that they will not become profitable in the future. I’m very surprised this service has become as popular as it has. It’s been around for 7 years now and still growing.

Years ago I posted about how Twitter was blamed for the Aniston-Mayer breakup. It was then that I realized that Twitter is a big PR machine for celebrities.  PR is big business but I don't know if it is a highly profitable one.

Many bloggers are on twitter. I’m not. I have been invited. I just don’t see a reason to join yet another network. I would rather save my thoughts for a post where I don’t need to worry about a character limit. I text and I see the advantages texting offers. If I have short thought about to burst if not shared, I have Facebook and G+.

I am probably A Few Clicks Short of a Pageview on this, but I just don’t see a big profitable future for the blue bird.

Alert followers who read more that just short tweets might remember me doing parody song lyrics about twitter.

You're just too good to be true
Can’t tweet my feeling of you
You'd be like heaven to tweet
I wanna hashtag you so sweet
At long last love has a link
I thank twitter I don’t think
You're just too good to be true
Can’t tweet my feeling of you


Bearman Cartoons said...

Once the IPO happens you are too late to get in for the big money.

lisleman said...

yes you are right about the big players and insiders. The other common restriction (I guess it varies) is not allowing these insiders to sell for a period of time, typically about 6 months. So what happens is the furry of selling at that date will make the stock drop. I consider the IPO stuff the more risky stuff in the market.

Joanne said...

Amazon is a publicly traded company and glories in its annual losses. Call me out of date, but I just don't get the business model.

lisleman said...

I like using Amazon but I don't know much about their business details. I do know they make money on more than just selling things. They have very large server capacity (the cloud) that they sell too. Companies don't need to make a profit while they have great revenue and growth going on. I gather the idea is that when the debt and costs of growth are settled the profit will be large.

lisleman said...

Your blog never will really catch on?? You have a consistent amount of comments. Now you do interact with your readers in the comment section and I think all bloggers should. That is one reason for a occupied comment section. As you must know many readers (browse-by lookers) never leave a comment. I use G+ and Facebook very differently. G+ is focused on the blog community for me. Facebook is focused on family. My blog posts will show up on both but I gave up on the blog's facebook page. I have answers for most anything, the problem is my answers don't necessarily match the questions. Some promotion on these social sites is necessary.

Personally I find the stock market loves those wanting a fast buck because they tend to jump in and out at the wrong times. The stock market has been good for me but it's a slow process. Winners and losers everyday. You just need to have more winners than losers. Way back in the bubble of the late 90's I thought I might be a millionaire in a few years. I learned about bubbles the hard way. Oh did I ever mentioned I owned this new and progressive energy company named Enron.

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