Friday, November 01, 2013

all fragments day

It’s a Friday. It’s a new month. Around this part of blogland it is also a day of celebrating fragments of post. Mrs. 4444’s blog is the center of this fragment celebration.

It also turned out to be frustrating Friday and if I could have just skipped the problems of today I would be happy and our kitchen drain would do what it is design to do - drain. I'm probably more frustrated that my hours and purchase of a 15 foot springy reamer thing to unclog it has been futile.

The plumber has been called.  I didn't yell at the plumber as depicted in the cartoon figure.  However, my tone of voice was certainly not cheery.
yes I repeated it

I suspect the following has happened to you at sometime. The universe plays a trick on you or worst yet, knocks you on the side of head. Whatever it is, it bothers you and puts you in a bad mood. THEN you realize your bad mood is not really justifiable. Now you are angry at yourself for letting the universe put in a bad mood.

do monkeys ever confront a clogged drain?

Last Friday I came up with a contest idea for the blog. Have you seen it? As of this posting there are three brave creative readers that have entered the contest. You can see their entries by scrolling through the comment section (where the action is on my blog) of the contest post. a contest Lisleman’s way

Are you familiar with the expression, “jumped the shark”? I’m wondering with my contest if I have jumped the clown. Take a look.  The contest is still open.

If I were simian I would fit under the sink better

Sitting in a Pep Boys waiting room recently, I was thankful for the wi-fi invention. They change oil and they have free wi-fi for the customers. The old ripped up magazines scattered around often fail to entertain while waiting on your car. Such a difference from the pre-internet and pre-mobile days.

Just a wild guess but I think travel times for daily commutes and chores are way up. I’ve noticed that blog comments are down. Perhaps these are related. This past week I might have danced into the danger zone of blog topics. I posted about the double standard on aging. when I grow up again

pet peeve - Drivers that race through shopping area parking lots. It’s a parking lot not a highway. (Do you have a peeve that’s not a pet?)

Those of you that have operated a VCR will enjoy the following historical clip.

I like to end on a puzzling question:
Is it wrong to play music like “Theme from A Summer Place” at a Christmas party? How about “Kokomo”?


Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

When they tell the video story like that, it does sound like a big chore! Funny how times have changed so much. I still remember when you could rent a VCR from the video store because they were so new, few people had them. Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

Not only do I remember them we still have a working VCR and some tapes. My wife tends to watch old tapes. After getting use to being able to jump to scenes and not rewinding I can't go back. I do remember getting recommendations from the good clerks.

thanks - have a great weekend

longhollow said...

I love that video, but it makes me a little sad that we actually have to explain it to kids! And that I feel sentimental about those days!

tracismixedbag said...

That contest was fun. You have a little creative muse in you. What would your muse name be? It wasn't jumping the shark, it stays true to your style. Just my opinion.

We had a dramatic breakdown the other day over the garbage disposal. It was painful but it was fixed.

lisleman said...

Thanks for joining in on the contest. Also it's good to hear that you don't think I jumped the clown. I like your opinion.
It's crazy what upsets us at times. thanks again.

lisleman said...

When it comes to technology things move fast. I was a bit sentimental about a rotary dial phone once. I even had it hooked up. The ringing got to be too much so I pulled the plug on it. Now I want to just drop the whole landline but my wife continues to rationalize why it is still useful.

Joanne said...

Pet peeve--impetuous and impatient drivers. They're everywhere. They pull out in front of you, run stop signs, turn left in front of you. (I deal with way to many four way stops each day.) I used to snarl because they did not hit the car I wanted to replace. Now I've replaced it, and I have to avoid being hit.

lisleman said...

I don't drive as many miles as I once did. When I do, I'm quickly reminded how not driving is less stressful. I hate aggressive drivers. thanks

Mrs4444 said...

Every time I curse a fast driver in a parking lot, I say, "WTH! This is a PARKING LOT, not the INDY500! I hate that, most likely because I was one smashed into by a kid with no insurance who, while waiting for the police, asked if we could just avoid the cops and would I let him just do a "payment plan thing." Right....NO

Mrs4444 said...

Yes; Wisconsin has that law, too. He reminded me of one of my delinquents I was teaching at the time; there was no way I was going to fall for that!

Cheryl P. said...

We still have Family Video chain here. In fact, a brand new one opened very nearby. I haven't made my way over there as, I do tend to stream movies or go to On Demand and watch. Oh and I like to rent of Red Box if a brand new release is out but not On Demand yet.

I, also, enjoy being able to get online if I am stuck somewhere, esp. airports. It helps pass the time. Back in the old, days I would of read a book so I guess the fact that there is Wifi keeps me from being as current on published books. .

lisleman said...

Red Box is great. There is still quite a bit of book reading going on (paper and tablet) so it's nice to have the option. We need more people blog reading. thanks for doing your share of blog reading.

lisleman said...

Your job ( I couldn't do it) provides you with good insight into teens.

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