Thursday, October 24, 2013

fragday frigments fun

Do you like to make up words?  Who do you think you are?  A neologist?

Creating words can be both fun and frustrating.  It depends on who is listening if anyone at all.

Here at A Few Clowns Short, fragday should make sense to the many followers of the Friday Fragments postings.  These postings are linked and promoted  at Mrs. 4444's blog.  Anyone who figured out the meaning of fragday probably knows of her blog.  

I was fairly certain there would be a word for the study of words. Actually there are a few related words about words. I'm not talking about words-with-friends played with a relative either. I found neology after I was looking through this long list of sciences and studies (here is the link). Very interesting list for the curious.  Have you ever heard of arctophily? It's the study and/or collecting of teddy bears (I don't suspect the career opportunities in the arctophily field are great though).  Now that word was not made up by a teddy bear.

Using knowledge like this I hope someday to beat the whole family at scrabble.

Apple offered me a new brain this week. Ok, my laptop which I spend many hours on most days was given a new brain. The "soft" type of brain. Apple's Macintosh Operating System (OS) had a new release. An Apple OS release event occurs about every year or year and a half. What was different this time was Apple's decision to offer it for FREE. The soft brain of my laptop was a number of releases old but still made the cutoff for this free offer. It took a long time to download and reboot. I understand you can also take your mac into their store and have the new OS installed there. 

My headphones are playing my I-tunes list again. Extra points - what was the name of the girl at the turnstile with kaleidoscope eyes? (hint - she was also in the sky with diamonds)

If you have not seen the following clip yet (it went viral) take a look. Not that it surprises me, but this once again shows that film makers can pull off the best pranks. This clip is a great promo for their movie. After you watch it, let me know if you would have enjoyed being at that coffee shop that day. I would have loved it. What great blog material.

Once again, I have become comfortably posted.

Occasionally a feeling of knowing what I’m talking about overcomes me. You see, I've been through the internet on a blog with no name. I know you can learn on the internet. I fixed our dryer once from knowledge acquired via youtube videos.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Lucy! That would have been so funny to see! Not sure how I would have reacted, probably fascinated.

agnes said...

I think sometimes you HAVE TO make up words because the right one doesn't exist.

Nita said...

That prank is great! That would be so awesome to see, although I may have wet my
I will surely be checking out that science info link, it should be very interesting. Awe yes, soon people will have to add you tube to their resume's as place of education.

lisleman said...

Are you joking about the clock? I didn't know they made real ones like that. I thought it was only a made up picture of a clock.
Yes Lucy is the correct answer. Take a piece of paper, write "Lisleman points" and whatever number you like, fold and put it into your junk drawer. It's the easiest point system on the internet.

lisleman said...

Yes you are right. Now I'm trying to think of a good word to describe your spot on comment. Maybe we should name this type of comment after you. thanks

lisleman said...

I might have spilled my coffee or at least that would be my cover up story for the wet spot. You might be right about youtube but currently I think many companies would find youtube training too vague.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

No seriously, I have the exact same clock. White face, black trim, black letters. I've seen them around in various forms at different places. Yeah! I have Lisleman points!

lisleman said...

I was trying to reply and Disqus just had an outage. Hopefully this comment system will work now.
Very cool clock to have in your kitchen. I like your taste or whoever gave it to you.
Oh those Lisleman points can be redeemed with the Easter Bunny, Big Foot, or the Tooth Fairy. Take your pick.

Tami said...

Why wouldn't the art of collecting Teddy Bears called "teddy-bear-collect-ology"? Sometimes words boggle me.
I didn't know about the new release. Usually my boys keep me up-to-date on the latest and greatest. They missed this one!

lisleman said...

If you have a mac you didn't miss it. It's still there waiting for you to download. It does take a good amount of time so plan ahead if you upgrade.

Yes - Lucy - Lisleman points can be redeemed with the Easter Bunny, Big Foot, or the Tooth Fairy. Take your pick.

Naming the teddy bear collecting with a straight forward simple word would not sound cosmopolitan. Teddy bear collectors probably only meet in teddy bear galleries and sip high-class wine.

Laurie Matherne said...

I LOVED the youtube clip. I MUST pass this on to my rather high-strung cousin, named Carrie! What fun. She may not laugh, but her sister and I will laugh.

Kay @Kay's Little Korner said...

That video is freaking hilarious!!! I would have run like the hounds of you-know-where were after me!

So far, I like the updates. I really love the iMovie updates!! Those are excellent. I also appreciated that they were free.

lisleman said...

Hmmm, I just checked my I-movies which I use to make my youtube videos and I don't think it was updated. One big change for me was the I-cloud. I'm not sure I'll use it much but it's nice for another backup.
Good to hear you liked the video clip in the post.

lisleman said...

Good to know you liked the clip. So I assume Carrie doesn't care much for the movie with her name.

jodaley said...

Love all the musical references! America remains one of my most loved groups. Did you know they met as expats while their dads were stationed abroad? Lucy is the girl you mentioned. We like the Beatles too.

Interesting comment you left on my blog regarding the term boot camp. I guess I never thought of it that way before, but all the clubs now seem to offer their own version of 'boot camp'. It's hard, but I'm sure not even close to the real thing! Have a nice week!

lisleman said...

My I-tunes listening and youtube browsing creates these musical thoughts often. Yes you are right - Lucy is the name. Lisleman points can be redeemed with the Easter Bunny, Big Foot, or the Tooth Fairy. Take your pick.
Boot camp - one big difference is the military boot camp is about more than physical conditioning. Also it's 24 hours 7 days a week. I guess there are places where people pay to go away for intense physical training other than the military. Often I'm a critic of various marketing schemes.

Thanks Have a great week too!

doreenmcgettigan said...

Oh Lucy..
That video scared me even though it plainly shows you in the beginning it is fake. I am just a scardy cat.

lisleman said...

Yes Lucy is correct. Lisleman points can be redeemed with the Easter Bunny, Big Foot, or the Tooth Fairy. Take your pick.
If you imagine yourself as a customer in the coffee shop I can understand getting a little scared.

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