Friday, October 25, 2013

a contest Lisleman’s way

I was thinking if I were to run a contest I would …. 

Then it hit me. Why not just run a contest. Worse I could do is look foolish and God knows that has happened repeated times in my life. Here it goes - the A Few Clowns Short first ever contest.

Enter for your chance to WIN today!

You can’t be a winner if you don’t try.

The prize will be either



Lisleman's escaped escape key

Lisleman’s escape key **

IMPORTANT - read the ** note about additional important contest rules.

  • Easy to enter. 
  • Take a clean piece (no grease stains please) and write the following words: Lisleman is the man 
  • You may write the phrase multiple times if you just can’t control yourself. 
  • Now draw near the phrase, a figure of your appreciation for the blog A Few Clowns Short. Be creative. Be nice. The drawn figure could be symbol, a stickfigure, your worst nightmare, sunshine, rainbows, whatever. 
  • (pretend like this is going well
  • Take a digital picture of your contest entry. (Note: if you created the entry via some digital application, then I’m impressed and of course you don’t need to take a picture because you already have it. duh
  • Next in the comment section of this post (below) upload your entry picture in your comment. Note: not on any post, you must add it to this post. Posting your entry on your blog is great but how will I know it’s a contest entry? Posting, printing or whatever else you think of doing with your contest creation is up to you (a roadside billboard would be nice). I can’t tell you what to do on the internet. May I remind you that those exciting social media applications like Facebook, Google+, and twitter offer great ways of sharing your photographic skills.

**The Prize awarded to the winner will be determined at the complete discretion of Lisleman. The winner does not get to choose. Just because you are a winner don't let it go to your head.  Lisleman’s decision is the final decision. No arguments. Lisleman will do the judging. Thanks for following directions. 

Contest entries are limited to people over 18 years of age. Multiple entries are nice but does NOT increase your chances of winning. Submitted entries/pictures must be original and owned by the contestant. 

Contest ends on November 7, 2013. I would not be surprised if there are only a few if any entries but I guess I need to stop waiting eventually and move on so I set a date. I hope I remember the date.

In order to notify the winner I'll need you to use a real email address when you leave a comment.  Don't worry I don't send out spam and wouldn't know how to sell your email if you twisted my arm.

scary agent of change

Oh one more thing this whole contest is subject to change at any moment.  Life is about changes what can I say?


lisleman said...

Directions can be confusing and don't care to read them much. Here is an example of what an entry might look like. I created this with a software program but hand made ones are cool too.

Cheryl P. said...

I checked into the cost of a real billboard and frankly, it's too let's go with a virtual one.

lisleman said...

Wow I am impressed. I thought you would whip up a cartoon type picture. The billboard with wood trim and lights - very nice. Now that you set the bar so high I wonder if you'll scare the others (of course there will be others right?) off. Please tell us what program you use for these cartoons. thanks you are entered.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Oh well, I tried.

lisleman said...

thank you - those good stick people. At first glance I thought it was Japanese. That is a favorite picture of mine. This is great I have two entries already. You are entered.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I can see how you thought it was Japanese. I didn't say it was good. lol! But at least I attempted. I don't know how to do good pictures like the others.

Cheryl P. said...

Gosh, I certainly don't want to scare anyone off. Because my blog already uses my cartoons (so there are tons of them kept handy) I just drop them into MS Publisher to create scenes. (the actual cartoons and drawings are done in Gimp)

lisleman said...

Hey I'm not sure if I know how to do a good blog like others. Perfection is a myth. I appreciate you taking time to enter this silly contest. thanks

lisleman said...

Oh I didn't think you wanted to crush any competition and I know you promote reader interaction on your blog which is one reason I enjoy it so much. Drawings done in Gimp - I have not used that open sourced application for many many years. I never used it much when I did. Having a mac of some sort over the years I've used many different programs. My example was done in an inexpensive program called Comic Life.

Tami said...

Hope you like….

Tami said...

The words ran off the screen, but you get the picture. *pun intended*.

lisleman said...

thanks - not having a good day today seems like things I touch break. I probably would replied sooner and had a post up today. Oh well we all have bad days.

That's a great clown face. Yes I got the picture. You are entered into this crazy contest.

tracismixedbag said...


lisleman said...

thanks - It is very important to read the note on the rules. I would not want you to be surprised by the outcome. You are officially entered into this crazy contest.

Mrs4444 said...

lololo! You're funny. good luck.

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