Thursday, September 05, 2013

will friday fragments be saturday this week

After all, our garbage pick-up was delayed one day. 

This past week we had a Tuesday-Monday. I heard that expression on a local news broadcast. It makes sense. Feeling like Tuesday is Monday after a three day weekend is very common. This had me wondering if Mrs. 4444’s FF collection activity might lean closer to Saturday.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

What if we just dropped the names of weekdays and just used the month and number instead? For example, instead of saying let’s meet Tuesday, we would just say let’s meet Sept. 10. Calendar sales would increase and we might get better at simple math. No more confusion about meaning the next Friday or the Friday in the next week.

One downside to my drop-weekday-names idea is the elimination of many song titles and lyrics. “Manic Monday”, “Monday Monday” song titles just would not work anymore. What would have Elton written instead of “Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting”?

I was going to research the history of day names, but I got bored and popped a bag of microwave popcorn instead. Too bad for you, I can’t share popcorn over the internet.

My idiotic idea generating ability runs almost nonstop. The other day my wife and I stopped in a Panda Express for a late lunch. I asked her if she thought anyone ever came in and asked if panda was served on the menu. She said no but suggested I could ask. I didn't. What do you think?

After a bit of sharing of this profound question with my extended family (They probably extend me too much), I came up with additional similar questions.

Should Star bucks sell venison?
Do they have Olive Oil at Popeyes?

The exchange with a SIL was good:

SIL: Does the Burger King have a Queen?
Me: No she is at the Dairy.

On the smartphone again. 
Just can’t wait to get on the smartphone again. …

(the above lyric is warning that Lisleman is working on another screwy parody. Here’s the last one in case you avoided it.)

Ahhh, I just found another fragment at the bottom of the popcorn bag. First off, I am not a big lover (liker is not a word right?) of Facehook Facebook. I do find the sharing of pictures and event updates good. Nice people in real life can become rude a-holes on social media. It’s like a virtual traffic jam and a driver just drove on the shoulder and cut back in front of you. I find this post-this-or-you-are-bad posting very annoying and dumb. Here’s the bottom portion of that type post a friend re-posted.

I ask you if you see the logic problem with the end of this stupid FB graffiti. Actually maybe it’s a punctuation problem. My reading is - I’m against bullying so I don’t re-post. Maybe there should be a period between “don’t” and “re-post”. Really there should be a social rule against being bullied into re-posting.


Joanna Jenkins said...

I def need the names of the days otherwise I'd be totally lost and never know when to put my garbage cans out! One of the bad things about being retired is losing track of the days since every day is technically supposed to be the "weekend". That said, I can always keep track of "Traffic on the 5s" on the radio since traffic reports are mandatory before getting on the LA freeways so maybe we could lose the names. Hum. Now I'll be thinking about that all night.

lisleman said...

Not familiar with the So Cal reports but I hate the traffic reports in Chicago. You don't typically have the chance to change your route anyway. Yes it is easier to lose track of the days. Keep thinking - it's good for you. thanks

Joanne said...

"Panda" occurs as a Chinese theme frequently, to my knowledge. There was a restaurant, Panda Buffet, all you can eat, in Akron, Ohio. My younger brother was a big guy, over six feet, less than two hundred pounds. Loved Chinese food. He was the sole cause of the proprietors lettering signs limiting helpings. He simply took along people to bring him their helpings. Eventually he was banned. I have a visual of tiny Chinese women at the door screaming "Not you, not you. Go away."

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Now that you've shown us what's deep in your brain, why did you post a photo of Sophia?

lisleman said...

Good catch. I like to break the fragments up with pictures. I've reused pictures, but like to add new ones. I don't recall where I stumbled onto this old picture of her. She was a beauty and it looks classy so I used it today. thanks

lisleman said...

My understanding is the panda bears were native to only the Chinese region so I understand why companies would use it to denote Chinese.
I very glad that my story trigger you sharing your story. Getting banned from buffets - that's a sign of a well experienced eater.

ljsreveries said...

I so agree with you on the re-posting bullying. I absolutely hate that. Or when they say something like "ignore = you hate kittens and want them all to die and share = kittens are cute and should live" It's guilting and bullying both.
As for the days of the week...I'd have to know how to get to the calendar on my phone really quickly in order for that to that's a no vote for me. Sorry, but I need the names of the days AND the numbers.
Love your pictures, as always. Hope you have a nice weekend.

lisleman said...

thanks - My names of the weekdays idea was just a silly idea. I don't think it's going anywhere. Thanks for the support on re-posting bullying. I suspect it might die away after users get really tired of it.

Laurie Matherne said...

Repost this comment or you will burn in hell. I haven't seen that one but the implication is very strong, that if I don't repost something I am doomed. Doomed! Doomed!

lisleman said...

I have not either but I'm sure it's been used before. Maybe we have not advanced that far beyond voodoo and witchcraft.

doreenmcgettigan said...

The whole holiday and garbage thing always screws me up.I put it out Sunday, Hauled it back in Monday forgot Tuesday and forgot again Thursday. I'm glad its not 90 degrees this week.
The Birds photo is creepy.
I hate those share or be considered the worst person on earth.
I am really hungry for Panda Express now..thanks!

lisleman said...

Hey I should get a few free fortune cookies for my promotion of Panda Express. We usually get the garbage pick-up right. One time I did throw the bag in the trunk and hunted down a garbage truck.

Cheryl P. said...

What a fun assortment of fragments. The short week is confusing but I find, I have trouble getting everything done on a normal week...well, that is a week without a holiday thrown in.

Those are funny thoughts about the restaurants. No doubt every time I go into a restaurant now I will question if their name can be used in a different context.

Regarding FB. Maybe "liker" isn't a word but I share the point you are making. I am not particularly a liker of FB. Not quite a hater either. I am more indifferent to it. Most of it is just so trivial. I appreciate the humorous updates but I can live without knowing if someone is in line at the Walmart.

I am confused by the comment... clearly it's an incomplete sentence.

Traci Shannon said...

Yes, a lot of great music wold be lost if we only went to numbers. Monday, Monday would be Nine, Nine this month.
Also, there is as serious punctuation issue in that anti-bullying re-post. I hear you on the bullying FB friends into re-posting, however. I am so sick of being told that if I don't want a bag of kittens to die,or the Earth to explode, or democracy itself to fail, I must re-post or... something like that.

Keetha said...

A Tuesday Monday is OK, but I still want a Friday Friday.

lisleman said...

good point - thanks

lisleman said...

Hmm - I think I may have hit upon a common FB complaint. Too many crazy ideas on FB. thanks

lisleman said...

Thanks - Please share any other restaurant name questions you come up with. I think we agree on FB. It's nice for the picture updates and reconnecting. I wonder if they put a delay function on every posting if that would help. I envision the delay function would pop up about 2-3 minutes after you posted and repeat the post/comment and ask "do you really want to post this?"

Cheryl P. said...

That would be an interesting experiment to put a delay on FB updates. Would people rethink about posting their comment? I am not sure as most seem to feel comfortable saying the most private,stupid or trivial comments.

lisleman said...

It would stop a few and annoy many - most rules do.

Mrs4444 said...

The surest way to get me to NOT share a FB post is to dare me to do it--So dumb. However, I see gullible people following orders every day. My opinion is that that post was just poor editing.

Your poor wife.... :)

lisleman said...

"I see gullible people" - Ha that reminds of that movie with the line,
" I see dead people". After reading the comments here I think this is a common problem.
My poor wife? - Are you referring to the fact that she must endure my most interesting rumblings of my mind?

Mrs4444 said...

Yes. Does she just shake her head?

lisleman said...

that and eye rolls.

Nita said...

There may as well not be names to the days for as often as I remember what day it is. Although, just going with Month/number might get me in even more trouble.
Love your restaurant questions! I have often saw a business name and wondered why on earth they chose that particular name. Like WaWa gas station. All I could think of was it should have been WeeWee, 'cause everyone knows on a long trip you are always looking for a place to GO.

lisleman said...

Oh don't put any weewee in the gas tank. WaWa would be a strange name for any business. thanks

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