Wednesday, September 04, 2013

older now and still running against the wind

living to run and running to live

If you are lucky you get old. Then you quit running against the wind, you just break wind and everyone is running from you.

The running against the wind has certainly become more like walking against the wind. Facing the wind is not too bad if there is not dust in it. So far I am still standing and have not been blown over yet.

there were times I made the wind go against my face

Remember “Night Moves”? Strange how the night moves.

Working on the night moves, trying to make front page drive-in news.

If you are lucky you get old. Then your night moves are just to the bathroom and hopefully you are not running against the wind to get there.

They demolished that drive-in years ago and replaced it with a Dunkin' Donut drive-through.

Sometimes it ain’t funny how the night moves!


Joanne said...

Aren't you happy to be retired and have time to look up all this stuff. I was hit by the wind when I left work today, and just leaned in and went to my car.

tracismixedbag said...

I've been having so much allergies lately to walking against the wind scares me, allergy attack!! I hope you've had a great Summer, Bill.

lisleman said...

stuff yes stuff - wow there is lots of stuff on the internet. Retired is good depending on what your definition is. I've read that being retired means working a job that is enjoyable and no stress. By that definition a lucky few have been retired since their twenties. Being retired still has it's up and downs. You trade one set of problems for a new set. Happy? depends on the day you ask. Most days are great. Oh isn't there some new book for women out about leaning into it? thanks

lisleman said...

The wind is one thing but what is carried on the wind is a whole other matter. Hope your allergies settle down. thanks

longhollow said...

Ah, Bob Seger. One of my favorites. You're right about it not being funny how the songs apply to us now!

lisleman said...

Yes they apply in different ways don't they? thanks

miruspeg said...

Love the photo of you driving the boat Bill with the wind in your hair!
Bob Seger, one of my favourite singers from yesterday-year, but still sounding great! I'll be singing "seems like yesterday........." all day today.

And Bill you are so right about "if you are lucky you get old". I am enjoying my semi-retired life, feel very blessed to be healthy and still able to "run against the wind" if the mood takes me.

Take care
Peggy xxxx

lisleman said...

thanks - the pic is some number (which will not be revealed) years old. We are still healthy and still have all our original parts. As I mentioned I'll walk against the wind but not run.
all the best

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...


lisleman said...

thanks - good to know you liked it

agnespages said...

You're right... if you're lucky you get old.

lisleman said...

thanks - I'm slightly lucky now

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