Saturday, September 14, 2013


Before I take my last gasp I thought I would organize a cause called GASP (Geriatrics Against SmartPhones).

smartphones are TOO BIG

Would you like to join? Maybe you are too young. That’s ok, since I’m not carding for age. But if you use a smartphone it would be hypocritical for you to join.

You can ask my friends and family that I enjoy the internet and being online. The best way to be online is with a laptop IMHO. Next best would be a desktop. If your tablet has a keyboard then that works but leaves me wondering why you bother to have a tablet.

I’m not suggesting nor would I want to see a return to payphones. Those things were disgusting and often broken.

Smartphones are too bulky and prone to being dropped compared to flip phones. They also attract crime. I think the crime angle is related to their size (easy pickins) and how distracted the users are.

My flip phone is cheaper and cheaper to operate (no big data plan). Texting and taking pictures are functional. You want good pictures get a point and click digital camera. Great pictures? Well why are you reading this blog? Photography enthusiasts could make suggestion to me. But back to the smartphone.

Have you noticed the “phone” part of smartphone is getting less and less attention. There never was a smart part so what does that leave you? People aren’t talking when smartphones come out. In my last post I wrote:

Remember back when superman wore his red underwear on the outside? We didn’t have smartphone rudeness back then.

Oh while I’m complaining, I’ll throw another observation in, does everything need to have a camera in it? Someone should check and determine what the increase in pictures taken over the last few years has been. Too many of those selfies are not things anyone wants to see either. The rate we are going the dolphins will be demanding cameras.

a flip phone??

Cut the smartphone usage and we wouldn’t have people wondering what game Senator John McCain was playing during a hearing. (Tic-Tac-Toe by hand would be much more discrete.) I’m not sure and really don’t need to know but Mr. Weiner probably used a smartphone.

Join GASP and save a politician. (oh wait what’s appealing about that?)


Ksthy said...

Haha...great points. My ersonal pet peeve are people who take photos with their iPads!!! At least with a cellphone u aren't quite as obvious...but hold up a freakin iPad to take a photo and you might as well expect the whole room to roll their eyes at you!

lisleman said...

Yes those things do stand out. One picture is not too bad but often they hold them there for a movie. The block the view of others too.

Mrs4444 said...

I know plenty of folks who would love to join GASP, and they aren't even old. What I find annoying is people who refuse to join the 21st century and then get mad when they are out of the loop because they can't even be bothered to read email, let alone join FB.

Joanne said...

You are comparing apples to apple pie. Or paste to diamonds. If you haven't experienced both, how can you compare?

lisleman said...

21st century - hey it's still the beginning of it. I suppose what you find annoying would be like me complaining about everyone talking about a cable show after I decided to drop cable. It's not the smartphone devices but the way people over use them that bothers me. thanks

lisleman said...

That's good point. I have watched others in the extended family use their smartphones. I just hope I would not use a smartphone the way many do. I believe in knowing where the off button is and making sure it still works. thanks

lisleman said...

Touchy subject or do you just feel like writing today? I don't typically get comments with the details you have given. It's great that you took the time to write all this. I'm just not use to seeing details.

Actually I think we agree about what is upsetting. The rude behavior is certainly not welcomed and maybe the smartphone gadget has nothing to do with it. I was thrilled to get my first laptop (company one) years ago. As you know, today they are lighter and more powerful. Tablets are good but I just don't see them as replacing laptops yet. I don't have one but our daughters do. The keyboard issue is big one for me.

In addition to our agreement about bad usage behavior, I think the smart phone is still too clumsy (ok you could say I'm the clumsy one) and would rather just carry flip phone and laptop/tablet.

Also (less sure but it's my hunch) I suspect pushing more and stuff into smartphones will backfire. Money transactions, home controls, car controls, bug zapper (I made the last one up but who knows I might be on to something) are putting too much in one device that can die and/or get stolen.

"Honey I just loaded all our bank accounts, passwords, work schedules, maps and family relationships on my new phone. Now I can't find it since I let the baby play with it at the park." - I made this up too but imagine it has been said somewhere already.


Cheryl P. said...

Is that how it came across, that it was a touchy subject? No...not at all. I actually have been working for the last few days sorting out electronic issues so some of your topic was on my mind. My hubby is over in Germany for 12 weeks and American cell phones by in large don't work without a European sim card and the International plans are expensive. So that is where tablets take over the phone and message duties. I thought my comment was more a explanation why people are using multiple devices and the reasons why no single device can cover all of those needs. And many times I write overly wordy and long comments.

lisleman said...

Oh I just thought I would give you a bit of a hard time about the wordiness. You can't take me too seriously. I enjoyed reading it. I had some experience with SIM cards myself. I had to get one recharged with credits once in Germany. I went to a cellphone store - no luck - they sent me to a convenience cigarette shop. The guy was good and knew exactly what I needed. thanks

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I don't mind people having smart phones, I just wish everyone would follow some smart phone etiquette. I don't have a smartphone, we use pay-as-you-go.

lisleman said...

smart phone etiquette - that might be harder to find than driving-in-traffic etiquette. thanks

Bearman Cartoons said...

They need a flip smart phone

lisleman said...

yeah - my wife has a one with a slide out keyboard but it is still too wide in my opinion and does not fold over. I think the trick would be to create a fold-up display or maybe a projecting display. thanks

longhollow said...

I confess I have an iphone, but it took me a long time to use anything but the phone part of it. And honestly, it's so much easier to use than my old flip phone!

lisleman said...

So you don't find it easier to drop? Maybe it's one of those once you get use to it you can't go back again. thanks

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