Tuesday, August 13, 2013

premiere public screening Charlotte NC

Anyone remember the movie I wrote about last May? The one that my nephew, Justin is starring in. Anyone remember anything from last May?

My nephew, Justin is wearing the red shirt

I have a good update. The movie Petey will have it's premiere public screening this weekend (Aug 17) at the Halton Theater in Charlotte, NC.

I assume my nephew did not get a big advance on his starring role, since he is not flying me down to see it.

Here's an interview of him about his role. Interesting that he mentions Wisconsin. His formative years were there but he also spent time in KY and IL. I'm hoping the movie gets picked up and we will be able to see it locally. Also, as I mentioned in my post back in May, I'm hoping I could drive his car.


Tami said...

He was interviewed on MTV! He's made it to the big leagues!! I bet you are so proud of him!!!

lisleman said...

Yes I'm very proud of him. I'm not sure that was MTV. I thought he did a good interview and did not appear too nervous. thanks

Tami said...

I thought the interviewer said MTV. Maybe not, considering half deaf. Seriously, I am. :)

Cheryl P. said...

Of course, we remember. What a cool thing to have a nephew appearing in a film. I hope it's a huge success so we all get to see it. Justin has a bit of a similarity to Bradley Cooper, I think....cute guy. Keep us informed if there is a showing closer. (somewhere in the middle of the country)

I hope his acting career takes off in a big way and you can do blogs while visiting him in his huge mansions, hobnobbing with the rich and famous.

lisleman said...

He was a little hard to understand. He has a bit of an accent. no big deal

lisleman said...

Ha - maybe I could become his official blogger. Yes I think he looks a bit like Bradley Cooper. Nice that you remembered but honestly I don't remember all the stuff found in blogs. Now was it drones or spaceships you just posted? thanks

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

That's pretty cool! How exciting for you! And probably him too. :-)

lisleman said...

More exciting for him than me. I'm hoping he does well. His acting back in high school was very good. He has done a commercial or two already.

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