Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I’ll take test ride for $50

Sounds like I’m playing jeopardy. ( if you like, you can play the theme song below)

No jeopardy game (jeopardy can be just driving down the highway right?) for me. Toyota (oh they are loaning me a new car for a year for this post - yeah right. you believe that, then send $20 with your name on it and I'll send you even more lies)
--- that was such a long parenthetical remark I forgot what I writing.

Oh yeah, Toyota invited to test drive a car recently. If I did the test drive within some specified time frame during July they would give me a $50 gift debit card.

my Camry test drive did NOT include
the lake drive

I took them up on their offer. I just received (spent part already, hole in the pocket is still smoking) the card. I was harassed They followed up with a few salesperson phone calls afterwards but the calls just went to voicemail.

I actually had fun driving and learning about their hybrid Camry.  If the price of gas stays high I might consider it. One thing to consider is the replacement of the batteries (around $2000). Now I forget the warranty on the batteries but I think if I kept the car five+ years or so I would need to replace them. This is a good thing to know if you look at a used hybrid. (any of you with a hybrid experience - honk - or better yet leave a comment)

Oh here’s the jeopardy “think” song. I just included a typically length one but I found one version on youtube that goes on for A FULL HOUR! I would be banging my head on the wall before that finished.


Bijoux said...

I drove a Ford Fusion to earn money for a charity once and it only reinforced my opinion to never buy a Ford again. It felt like I was driving a jack rabbit.

Cheryl P. said...

I have no experience with a hybrid but I can see why someone might take a test drive for $50. I would wonder how effective that type of marketing is? People sign up for time share seminars for cash and free stuff but I have yet to talk to anyone that went to a seminar and bought a timeshare.

lisleman said...

We have owned a few Fords. I think problems show up in all types. Two past cars in my life had major fatal engine problems, a Chevy and Pontiac. I posted about the Chevy last year.

lisleman said...

Well you must hang out with non-impulse critical thinking shoppers. I know people who bought timeshares that way. The companies would not do it if it didn't make them money. It's just a numbers game. BTW - anyone considering a timeshare should check out the auction/trading market for timeshares. Many of the seminar suckers oh I mean buyers off load their timeshares at auction. thanks

Joanne said...

I could never bring myself to buy a foreign car.

lisleman said...

Our Toyota Camry is a US made car. It was manufactured in Georgetown Kentucky. The plant employs over 6000 people. I don't consider it much of a "foreign car" at all. So many things today are made from parts coming from all around the globe.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Thanks for sharing about the battery life and cost. It's definitely something to consider. My car is on it's last leg, er I should say tire, and we'll be looking for something, hopefully not in the near future, but in the future.

Mrs4444 said...

Excellent point about buying a used hybrid.I came close to buying a Hundai(sp) hybrid; it was such a pretty powder blue. Now i'm glad I didn't, as I see that color all over the place and it's not as special as i thought it was :)

lisleman said...

I'm sure you think of more than the color of the car in your decision. I tend towards silvers but a darker red or green is fine. Don't like white or black and powder blue would not be high on my list.
I've heard having shards of glass sprayed across the finish adds a "special" look. thanks

lisleman said...

Yeah I didn't think about that either. Car never last as long as you want. That's a universal law of cars. thanks

Aston Cucher said...

and i took it free in 3D virtual world kids ;) thansk for the post.

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