Monday, June 24, 2013

recall the cleaning gene I mentioned

I suspect this woman has that cleaning gene.

Norfolk county UK -

Woman washed suspected bomb in kitchen sink

photo from BBC web site

Carole from the UK, not only found a an old WWII bomb in her garden but also gave it a good cleaning.

Husband Clive doesn't come when called.
Carole was quoted in the BBC story:
"I called my husband to come and have a look at it, but he wouldn't so I brought it indoors," she said.

Here at the Lisleman breaking news history desk we strive to add our own biased unprofessional speculation to every story.

A few posts ago, Lisleman asked, "Is there a cleaning gene?" 

This story adds more evidence that some women possess a cleaning gene. I speculate Carole thought something similar to "damn Clive is not coming out to help. I'll show him and just roll this thing in the house to him." (not a quote just made up speculation)

How does this potentially explosive story strike you?

I've been bombed at Olive Garden before but never found a bomb in a garden.

BBC report


Cheryl P. said...

I think she sounds like a blasted idiot. Who cleans a bomb??? Even a clean freak would use some discretion, I would think.

lisleman said...

I've seen many things cleaned that didn't need to be IMHO. This is over the top and dangerous too. thanks

longhollow said...

I wouldn't have even suspected "bomb" when I saw this - and who knows what it looked like with garden muck all over it! Clive should have come running when she called! That'll teach him! hehehe

Secret Agent Woman said...

That just looks like a big root vegetable to me. I'm guessing it was more obviously metallic in person, but who would suspect it was a bomb?

lisleman said...

I think both of them should have run away from the house. WWII have been found in many locations around Europe. thanks

lisleman said...

That would probably not be my first thought but then I'm not living in an area that was bombed in the 1940's. thanks

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