Sunday, June 30, 2013

gingerbread and ginger baker

The grandkids were intensely watching Shrek 2 the other morning. (Why rent a new DVD when they have not gotten enough of the classics we own?)

I’ve watched bits and pieces of most of the Shrek series. Funny writing and voices. Hollywood learned long ago to throw adult jokes in kid movies. It just makes sense to entertain the adults in the audience too.

One scene that I caught while I was in the room gave me such a good laugh I needed to pause the movie and replay it. My granddaughter complained a little so she certainly didn’t “get the joke”. That’s good since it was an adult type joke.

In this scene the gingerbread man has the group’s attention and tells them,

“It looks like we're up chocolate creek without a Popsicle stick!”

Cracked me up.

The gingerbread man started me thinking of Ginger Baker of Cream fame. A great band a great drummer. I wonder if he was ever up a creek without his drum sticks.


longhollow said...

I love the Shrek movies - well, the first two anyway. I haven't seen any others. I'll have to watch them again soon. Thanks for the video - I always loved Cream, too!

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Jack Bruce was my favourite from Cream. Something about a man with a bass....

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

There are so many of the kids movies I really like too because they entertain the little kids and the grown up kids too! Born Under a Bad Sign used to be one of my favorite songs! Blast from the past--thanks!

lisleman said...

Cream has special place in my memories of the late sixties. Maybe it was good that the band only stayed together for a short while and finished on top. thanks

lisleman said...

Funny that's the one I didn't remember. My favorite is Eric Clapton.
thanks for browsing by.

lisleman said...

It's a great song. Most everyone has those days when you feel that if it wasn't for bad luck you have no luck at all.

lisleman said...

Good script and voice overs. I'm not a rock band expert. Most of my knowledge is about bands that I liked. Many rock-n-roll stories are interesting, such as the Buddy Holly story. thanks

Laurie Matherne said...

Those movies are great. The lines are incredible. Adult movies used to have great lines too that were sometimes full of inside jokes and innuendo. Then, the makers realized that the jokes don't play well in other languages. Before long, the kiddie movies will be dumbed down, too. I try to avoid the dubbed movies in Spanish here in Honduras because of the jokes that are missed in translation.

lisleman said...

Lost in translation I guess. This translation stuff reminds of a funny clip I found called Que Hora es-

Mexican soap opera by people with only 3 weeks of Spanish.

Agent 54 said...

Agent 54 here again. Last night at the Rolling Stones concert in Washington D.C., Mick Jagger said “I don't think President Obama is here tonight... But I'm sure he's listening in." I’ve been listening
in on a call that went from 100 Acre Wood to the Swamp. It went like this:

Eeyore: (drearily) Hello Donkey

Donkey: (quickly) Hey Eeyore, I ain’t heard from you in weeks. How the heck are you boy? Where you been? Wanna get a parfait?

Eeyore: Not greaaat, I’ve been looking for receipts for my expense reports for the IRS. I… got… auuudited.

Donkey: That’s a drag. Hey, you remember when we all got together for that quote “business meeting”? You remember who all was there?
Let’s see, it was you and me and Mr. Ed and Quickdraw and Baba Looey and Francis the Talkin Mule.

Eeyore: Yuuup, I don’t have the receipt for that one, do you remember where it was aaat?

Donkey: Oh Yeah, it was at the Golden Corral and they had a lovely salad bar and for desert they had carrot cake and parfaits and I ate some of both. Hey! You don’t need no receipts. I got connections in the DNC (Democrat National Committee). Shoot, I don’t even pay taxes. Just let me take care of it.

Eeyore: Thanks a lot, you’re a real paaal.

Donkey: Yeah and since we fixed that, why don’t we go to Denny’s and get some waffles and some parfaits for desert and then we can go….Click, line goes dead.

I think I’ve got to send this one to the investigators,
investigating the IRS. Seems like some kind of Donkey discrimination to me.

Laurie Matherne said...

Yes, I remember the link. I think I got it from you. Some of my friends thought it was remarkably funny; others yawned. C'est la vie.

lisleman said...

gee thanks agent 54

Secret Agent Woman said...

I like lots of those movies. I've logged many, many hours watching things like Shrek and Toy Story and Mulan. Thank goodness for the adult jokes!

lisleman said...

it does make watching them easier for adults thanks

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