Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a little dated but stay with me

Just another Lisleman observation but first I need to take you back a few years.

I had just joined FB or should I say I got my face booked?

I was getting the hang of the FB posting and commenting. I don’t think they even had like the like thing like back then. Like wow. Like why use like the word like? It’s as if the FB audience has a one word vocabulary. I like digress.

So I was racing to facing more friends and family on my book of faces. I collected a jambalaya of jokers.

I left electronic gaming back with a high score on a Ms. Pacman machine at a Texas bar. Now I never wore a cool big cowboy hat or boots but I could joystick the pixels around the screen at that Texas bar alright. That was back in my Air Force days which were long after my viking days.


Where was I? Oh yeah FB. Many pixels and digital bytes and bits later I’m on a social screen called facebook and start getting requests to help my friends with farming. A farm game?

No disrespect to farmers but I never wanted to be one. Also, it’s general knowledge that leaving the farm has been an ongoing trend for almost a 100 years. There was a time back in the counterculture 60’s that moving to a farm was cool. I’m sure those hippies were not your typical farmer.

After a little googling and reading I’ve discovered that Farmville is run by a company named Zynga. (I’m hoping the next woodstock festival is on Zynga’s farm)

Zynga has made (will continue to make?) large sums of money from people’s attraction to games. I had forgotten how many quarters were dropped on Ms. Pacman.

Another related popular human characteristic is our visual attention. Knowing pictures attract attention, I often try to include at least one picture in my posts (what do you think of that one above?).

Currently there is a bit of a visual/photo battle going on in social media. I found this interesting article on the “All Things D” site. Here’s an excerpt:

“Facebook, I’ve been told, sees far and away more activity and engagement from users focused on photos in the stream than they do from text-based status updates. Google, too, sees high engagement from in-stream pictures.”

The visual is fine but I do hope future generations still remember how to read and write. Playing games can be too addicting and most don’t help your reading and writing skills. Like everyone should like learn more than just like.


tracismixedbag said...

I'm not a facebook games fan. I have Tetris and angry birds on my phone and that's all I need. All of my friends are stuck on a never ending game called candy crush. It's like a pyramid scheme but for gamers. In order to advance in the game, you have to convert others to the candy crush cult. I'm resistant and I'm sure I won't break. Hopefully.

Nita said...

Like.... :D

lisleman said...

good answer

Tami said...

I am a classic example of visual attention. A good picture reals me in.
I stay away from the online games. I am addicted to Candy Crush because I let my guard down once. Ugh!

Laurie Matherne said...

I loved Ms Pacman. If I were rich as Oprah, I would have a room with a Ms Pacman game. Facebook is getting weirder every week. I know someone who says Facebook is really Fart Bubble. Not very nice, but the words are now stuck in my head.

W.C. Camp said...

I used to love 'Space Invaders' but now I don't have the patience to play those online games or even fancy game system games. They are just too complicated for my little pea brain! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

That is one reason I never accept an offer to play a game on FB or G+. Blogging is enough of a game. Games are fine if you don't over do it. thanks

lisleman said...

It was a fun game. Those big boxes with the sound and color screens were nice and since they were so big, nobody was going carry one around to be distracted at work or school. Fart Bubble - odd. thanks

lisleman said...

I've played that and the snake one that is similar. thanks

lisleman said...

I did about 30 minutes of Angry Birds but it was with my grandkids.

Cheryl P. said...

I don't play FB games either, but my husband does. He actually likes Farmville, (I don't get it???) But then we own a farm and he enjoys farming.

I get those "invites" all the time that so and so wants me to play [insert game here]. Not going to happen.

lisleman said...

Most the FB people give up on me playing but I have even posted on their page that I don't play the FB games. So one day you two bought the farm? I just thought you were both office workers.

lisleman said...

Oh I certainly got a little hooked on video games. Especially the arcade type. Tetris was a favorite too. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

We own a farm just south of Chicago but we don't farm it. Hubby owns a company that does asset management and I am a a real estate agent that works or not depending on a myriad of things...like if I am in the mood.

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