Thursday, May 17, 2012

better IPO - mine

Tomorrow we will see if the buzz surrounding Facebook's IPO was right or wrong.  FB will not only become the shorthand but also the stock ticker for Facebook starting Friday.

I have a better IPO for you. 

My Initial Public Opinion

My Initial Public Opinion on
death -
You can't stop the driving force behind cemeteries which can be peaceful places.

My Initial Public Opinion on FB is not to rush in to buy the shares.  Groupon (yes different but still social media related) didn't go too well so far.  GRPN is down over 50% since it's IPO.

Hey I've got my own shares.  So do you.  Ideas and opinions to share.  Blogging is all about sharing and public ideas.

Would you like a few other IPO's on daily matters?

There's over a thousand posts on "A Few Clowns Short".  You'll be able to find a number of opinions in that collection of public thoughts.  You don't even need an app for that - just use the search box on the right side of this page. 

For example, are you looking for a public opinion on drug advertising?  Did you know pharmaceutical company spending on marketing far exceeds that spent on research?  Here's a post offering my IPO on that subject - "pill to shallow".

If you search around you can even find my opinions on FB. 

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Tami Miller said...

I must really be out of touch because I have no idea what you are talking about with FB.  Should I be worried?

lisleman said...

Thanks for being honest.  No need to worry.  The company FB is going public which means their stock will be sold on the stock market.  I think there is a good chance the stock will drop like Groupon stock did.  One thing that will happen is many FB insiders will become multimillionaires, some billionaires.

Tami Miller said...

Well that's not very fair is it? Aren't there any laws to protect us common folks from the greedy, money-hungry jerks?
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lisleman said...

 I don't see anything unfair about it.  These insiders created the company and put in the initial money/time/talent  to get it running.  The problem I see is people buying the stock too high because they think it will not go down.  The stock market is always up and down.

Tami Miller said...

See, obviously I have no clue what I am talking about!  :-)  I'll leave the economics to my hubby.  He teaches AP Economics. LOL

Secret Agent Woman said...

Interestingly, just as FB went public, they got hit with an an illegal wire-tapping lawsuit.

lisleman said...

I just noticed that a short while ago.  That is a danger of stocks.  Unexpected events can impact the price quickly.

Shrinky said...

My share-buying days are over, as are most of my savings (like I'm guessing it is for most of us, since this wonderful recession came over for a visit and decided to stay).

Meh, I don't Facebook, anyway..

lisleman said...

 So far the FB shares didn't measure up to the hype.  But I think Initial Public Opinions are worth something.  Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Pearl said...

ANything that can make money will.

And generally not for us.  :-)


lisleman said...

 good advice - it appears as of today the FB price has dropped and I suspect disappointed many get-rich-quick people.

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