Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I’ve changed

But not much. I did a little tweaking to the blog layout. 

Also I updated my “about” page (if you want to know).

"So what?" you reply. Alright, maybe you'll enjoy this:

Comedy Central Stand-Up
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oceangirl said...

Have you noticed that I've changed?

lisleman said...

 Yes awhile ago you removed a number things.  It appears much the "sidebar" stuff is at the bottom of your page now.

Frau said...

Change is good! Like the video she is funny! Have a great day! 

lisleman said...

 thanks - change can be unstoppable too.

Secret Agentwoman said...

It's funny, but I rarely notice if someone changes their blog.  I don't notice haircuts, either, so that probably says something about me.

lisleman said...

 I didn't change much just a few items on the sidebar and added some to the about page.  Haircut - I'm still holding off but I'll need to get one soon or might need to change from lisleman to shaggyman.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

She's a scream.  She resembles the actress Joan Allen.  

Your hair looks the same.  If it's as thick as it looks, you're a lucky man.

lisleman said...

 thanks I'm fortunate to have thick hair.

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