Wednesday, January 04, 2012

sister goes to Disney World, I got a picture

That's OK because Disney World over the holidays can be a bit too crowded for my taste. Speaking of taste, did I mention that one of the Disney restaurants inspired me to create “Fat Ass Donuts”.

Actually I have not created anything but a donut hole so far. I just wrote a post on the idea once. 

What was I going to write about? 

Oh yeah, this picture I got. 

Really I do appreciate that my BIL thought of my blog and sent me a picture including the background for me to use. 


May the force be with you 
or wind to your back 
or may the batteries remain fresh in your light-saber
or I don’t know it been too long since I watched “Star Wars”. 
Chewbacca makes me want to choke on a hairball. Love the R2D2 and CP3O robots though.

Outside the Star Wars ride at Disney Hollywood Studios they were “recruiting Padawan” or “future Jedi Knights”, all of whom were about 8-9 years old. They were given some quick light sabers hand-to-hand combat training. Darth Vader and Darth Maul appear and engaged each kid in hand-to-hand combat. 

Funny was how deadly serious each kid was and how awesome it must have been for each of them. They were screaming the Jedi Oath, which went something like “I will only use my light saber in defense, never for aggression… protect the galaxy… etc.. or back into the crowd I must go…” They told one little boy to use the force and push the white-suited Imperial Storm Troopers away with a Push of his hand into the air. The kid made a dramatic gesture pushing the air with his open hand and the storm troopers fell back about 10 feet. Hilarious.


Rebecca said...

Wow, when we went to Hollywood Studio's we missed that.....maybe because it was pouring down buckets of rain?

lisleman said...

Florida can have huge downpours.  I remember one on a Disney World visit.  I guess it comes with the sunshine.

Shannon E Kennedy said...

a childs imagination at work is my FAVORITE thing to watch!  

lisleman said...

much much better than a temper tantrum - seriously I wish a child's imagination would last for out their lives.

Bearmancartoons said...

saw that and when I did only one kid was into it.  The others should have been thrown in a pit.

lisleman said...

you are tough!  c'mon give the kids a break - they are not expecting your loose change unless you are their parents.

Jene said...

That is very cool. I hope they're still doing something similar when we take the kid next year!

lisleman said...

I glad you came by and saw this.  If I recall Charlie was a Jedi for Halloween. thanks

unknownmami said...

Wonderful use of imagination.

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