Wednesday, January 11, 2012

pardon my typo

Warning: The following contains an acceptable amount of errors. Please realize this is the internet. 

Today while finishing a task many considered outdated, I read the word “iniquity”. I found it used in a newspaper (made out of physical paper mind you) article about New Orleans. I’ve only been there once for a short time but I understand there might be a few dens of iniquity there.

This is not a word I use often but I always do associate it with a den. There are other dens of course but our small house does not have a den. Don't you need servants to have a den?  I do have a man-cave area in the basement.

Accordingly to extensive internet searching (google search engine is powerful) it comes from “den of thieves” which was referenced in the Bible.

Now I can’t imagine a group of thieves using the word iniquity but I just do not know. Maybe I should take a trip to Scotland because according to google there is a “Den of Iniquity Tattoo & Piercing Palour” operating there.


It would be fun to create a den of bloggers. We could plot our posts together and keep a chest of comments.  Late at night someone would break out singing 99 bottles of beer on the wall.  It would be grand.

Oh if you are researching on the internet, don’t forget youtube. My searching on the phrase, “den of iniquity” turned up this clip from the past.


oceangirl said...

Man-cave :)  I want to go to Ballybunion.

Kristina P. said...

Den of iniquity is a favorite term in our religion. I've always liked to use it in casual conversation.

lisleman said...

Ireland is a beautiful place and it's much more modern than this film clip.  I'm guessing this clip was done in the sixties.

lisleman said...

LOL - such as ?  "Hey last night after leaving the den of iniquity I had a  craving for an ice cream sandwich."  How's that?


Frau said...

Never have I used that phrase....but might have to fit into conversation now and again for the fun of it. When we were in Germany people always spoke of the hooligans causing problems always cracked me up. Have  a great day! 

lisleman said...

thanks - hooligans has a fun type of sound to it. 

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