Tuesday, January 10, 2012

nice to be nice

I found this on Facebook.

It reminded me not to be so quick to form an opinion of others based on a short interaction.  Also, it's good to think about others and not just yourself.

The clip is worth watching and thinking about.  Be nice.


Frau said...

Wow that was powerful and so true! We all need to put on nice glasses and see the world around us. Have a great day! 

lisleman said...

I am glad you liked it.  We can all have great days with the right attitude.

W.C. Camp said...

I liked the vid & more than telling on modern society. With that said, the last scene bothers me only in the fact that in this day and age, I cannot imagine any adult calling over a young kid and touching him in any way even with good intentions, or a kid even coming over in the first place. That in itself is a sad commentary where human interaction has been reduced to predator / prey mentality. Good find though and def. worth thinking about!  W.C.C.

Rebecca said...

This brought me to tears.  So true.

lisleman said...

the little boy as most kids can, does pull on your heart strings. thanks

lisleman said...

yes that thought is sad.  I like to believe the predator/prey thing is the exception but I also know that type of news gets attention because it is  so disturbing.  thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

Nezzy said...

Now, where can ya get the glasses and how much do they cost?  Heeehehhee!

Man, this was powerful.  I pray that we all pause from our very self absorbed lives to look at others just a little bit differently.  Sometimes is simply takes a smile to change someone's day.

God bless and have a spectacular day Man!!!   :o)

lisleman said...

thanks - In blogland a nice comment like yours is a smile.  thanks all the best

Barbara said...

Love it - great reminder that everyone is carrying some kind of burden! Thank you for sharing it!

lisleman said...

I am glad you liked it.  It does have a good message.

Peggy Cameron said...

What a powerful message.  We certainly all need to wear a pair of glasses like these from time to time.
It is all to easy to judge others......if we knew their circumstances, in most cases we would probably change our opinion.
Thanks for sharing this Bill.
Take care
Peggy xxxxxxx

lisleman said...

Yes I agree.  It is so easy to be over focused on your own problems and not even think about others situations.  It's good to know people out there with the right attitude.

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