Friday, January 13, 2012

get ready

You're alright
You're outta sight

do you know about LLL?

There has been 4 LLL's and we need another one.  I dislike regular schedules.  Most of life doesn't run on a schedule and the LLL game/meme doesn't either.

You'll find more info and links to the past LLL's under the LLL tab below the header above.

Come back Monday (come back everyday if you like) and bring a link with you to join in the sharing of a laugh.  It can be a funny post (there are many out there), funny video, funny picture, funny joke.  Did you noticed the word funny?  Good just remember that and you'll do great. 

I can’t blog

So tiddley-dee, tiddley-dum 
Look out baby, 'cause here I come. 
And I'm bringing you a LAUGH that's true. 
So get ready, so get ready.


Barbara said...

One of my favorite songs!! 

lisleman said...

we could swap I-pods and never even notice.  Hey come back and leave a funny post.  thanks

unknownmami said...

How do you pronounce that? Is it Llll or L's?

lisleman said...

I say L L L.  The letter L three times unless I've been drinking then I can't say much of anything.

Nezzy said...

A great song man, and ya know how I love a great song.  Now what do ya consider a 'funny' post.   Would I be funny and just plumb annoyin'???

Please don't answer...I don't really want to know.  Heehehehe!

God bless ya Man and have yourself a fantastic week!  :o)

lisleman said...

I have an example on the current post which is the next post.

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