Monday, November 07, 2011

could of happened to me

The Chicago Tribune site runs a feature (service?) called "Mugs in the News".  I know various law enforcement agencies often publish mug shots too.

Today I glanced over and I just could not resist checking out the story behind this title:

Punched Slow Driver

Here's the mug shot:

Hinsdale Police Department Photo

Now first off let's be clear here, this woman has ONLY been accused of a battery offense.  So remember "innocent until proven guilty".

I just want to say, this could of happened to me.  I have driven through the intersection where the alleged road rage crime occurred.  I also have been accused of driving too slow.  Just the other day my MIL insinuated that I drove too slow.  But I know she would never punch me.

Also I noticed this snarky comment on the web page with the story

"Only in Hinsdale can you have your mug shot taken while wearing pearl earrings, a diamond necklace and a designer bag over your shoulder. However, I hope she was on her way to get a root touch-up"

Oh one very last bit of advice - don't smile for you mug shot.  No one expects you to be in a happy mood.


oceangirl said...

Funny.  It is good to visit here Lisleman for the chuckle I need.

lisleman said...

thanks I found it both funny and a little disturbing at the same time.   Too bad I can't tell that woman to just lighten-up.  Road rage is a serious problem here but most of the time it does even get this bad.

Secret Agent Woman said...

The real question is:  was the slow driver in the right or left lane?  I only have road rage with slow drivers who won't get the hell out of the fast lane.

lisleman said...

The news report didn't give much detail of the events leading up to the assault.  I understand getting angry at people who actually cause traffic problems but getting  out of your car and punching them is really crossing the acceptable social behavior line.
thanks and oh thanks for the warning too ;)

W.C. Camp said...

Wow she seems like a rather pleasant person actually - I can't believe she punched somebody. I guess that is why I would make a lousy juror?? I don't think this would happen to me though because I never have my window down since the interior of the car is always either air conditioned or heated - just call me BUBBLE BOY! W.C.C.


Bearmancartoons said...

If your mug is going to be all over the internet, you should be smiling.

lisleman said...

Hey bubble boy!  I wonder what she looked like when she was throwing that punch.  thanks

lisleman said...

I think it depends on why your mug is being spread around.  Now anyone who is getting a Bearman caricature of course should be grinning.

frau said...

hahahaha too funnyI yeah you never smile for that camera!! 

lisleman said...

Glad to know you agree.  It leaves people with the impression that you are happy and proud of being arrested.  thanks

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