Monday, October 24, 2011

LLL (would be LMAO but that was taken)

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I can’t blog

My youtube addiction offers a window into the funny thoughts and ideas of many people. My love of parody started with parody songs long ago. Pranks, parody, and music covers thrive in the youtube garden. 

I find myself listening to Bob Seger and pondering old age.

“ to run and running to live” 

If you are lucky you get old. Then you quit running against the wind, you just break wind and everyone is running from you. Bob should do remake titled “Breaking Wind”. 

Remember his “Night Moves”? 

“...Working on the night moves, trying to make front page drive-in news.” 

If you are lucky you get old. Then your night moves are just to the bathroom and hopefully you are not running against the wind to get there.

My thought activity lead me to search youtube for Bob Seger.  I discovered a popular movie scene to recreate was the "Old Time Rock and Roll" dance from "Risky Business".

Here's two for you laughing enjoyment (amazing what rock music, a hair brush and a video camera can produce) :

Warning leave the stunts for the professionals -  

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tracismixedbag said...

LOL I love your new song titles. And the video is hilarious. I have yet to become addicted to youtube. I think I have too many Tv shows that I watch. But I do love how you can watch just about any music video on demand.

lisleman said...

thanks for linking up.  The only problem with youtube is too often a video that you embed gets disabled later on typically for copyright problems.  I was just browsing  some Siri parodies.  Now that's a real "2001 - HAL" type of technology.

Nezzy said...

Oh Man, do I remember ALL of which you speak of and yes, I'm old.  Although I can't agree with all your 'moves' of the aged.  Heeehehhee!

God bless ya and have an extraordinary week!!!  :o)

My post up right now is semi~serious.  Yep...I said semi~serious alright!!!

lisleman said...

thanks -  If you have an older funny posts that would be great to link up.  It is "Left-over Laughs" after all.

PartlySunny said...

Okay, I bag on Tom Cruise all the time. Suddenly, he's not lookin' so bad.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing your Tom Cruise attraction.

oceangirl said...

I enjoyed your commentary, and both video clips.  I wonder if Tom Cruise can collect royalty for his white shirt no pants outfit and moves.

lisleman said...

thanks - oh he doesn't need to worry about that.  I don't know how rich he is but I suspect 100's of millions.

Shrinky said...

Oh, you always have me leaving here with a great, big smile wrapped around my face! 

Bearmancartoons said...

The "wind" helps you make it to the bathroom faster.  Backdraft.

lisleman said...

backdraft - lol - could be explosive

lisleman said...

thanks that is good to know.
Also a big thanks for linking up.  I'm off to take a read.

Reena Walkling said...

LOL ... yep definitely a song for the young'ins!

lisleman said...

good work out song too.  I did find a senior citizen talent show using it.  Good tap dancing.  Here's the link

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