Friday, September 23, 2011

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I can’t blog

Not funny: A Canadian cold front. 

Eh Canada (or is it just A?)

Loser cold front coming from Canadian

Please just keep your damn cold fronts on your side of the border this winter. Americans get all worked up about border crossings from the south. I don't understand. Salsa, spicy food, and Latin music beat the hell out of those  Canadian cold fronts. 

Oh and those damn geese with your name on them. We have plenty now.   Just turn those noisy messy dropping honkers around.   Hey why don't you feed them to the polar bears?

Not to sound completely anti-Canadian, you are more than welcome to come down and spend your loonies here. Oh if you happen to have a few fresh walleye, that would be great too.


oceangirl said...

You are always funny, more witty Lisleman.

lisleman said...

thank you - do you deal with any Canadians?  I think they get too much fresh air.

oceangirl said...

I deal with one Canadian and he is here: . See what fresh air will do to you.

frau said...

I'm with you....don't get me wrong I love our Canadian neighbors but curse them they all flock over the bridge to shop and eat at the Cheesecake Factory making the wait even longer!! But they do amazing things for WNY economy eh! or is it A

We need a little of the south here ....WNY know nothing of good spicy latin/mexican foods! 

Have a great day!

lisleman said...

It's good to hear they are spending money here.  I think we agree, Taco Bell does NOT cut it.  Oh don't forget Cuban food too.

Pat Hatt said...

Yes I get too much fresh air, causing my rhyming flare..haha

But if you don't want a honking goose, I'll send you a nice big traffic stopping moose. I may also give you loonies, but you'll never ever get my toonies..haha

So keep your smoggy air down there and the day I acutally say "eh" is the day I move far far far away.

lisleman said...

Luckily the moose don't make it this far south.  We have deer waiting their turn to be roadkill.  I would not want to hit a moose or even get one angry.
Your rhyme is sublime.

oceangirl said...

Fresh air makes geniuses.  And I mean it.  One other Canadian I deal with, and I also so love, is Robin of How I Met Your Mother.  That is how I know Canadians are scared of the dark.

Shrinky said...

Those Canadian geese have even flocked over here in their millions, too!  Thanks for making me laugh, it's always a delight to read your posts.

lisleman said...

thank you - I hope to learn from your writing.

Mrs4444 said...

:)  I always enjoy your sense of humor...Thanks.

Tony McGurk said...

Ha Ha The Mexican food sure sounds better than the Canadian Cold Front.

lisleman said...

Well both of them could make you shake.  However I agree, thanks.

lisleman said...

Hey that reference worked out very nice.  You connected two more bloggers.

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