Thursday, August 04, 2011

Friday Fragment Fuzz

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
- Lewis Carroll

Too bad the Walrus didn't know about Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments.  She offers a collection of posts talking about many things or as some would say, fragments.

Mommy's Idea

Easily distracted - I didn’t used to be. I had great focus and concentration. I remember focusing on tough math or engineering problems in college. No more. I’m lucky to remember I’m making a sandwich after the toast pops.


Does the following mean I need to workout at a gym?

L.A. Fitness' poll for Body of the Year (I didn’t know they had a Body of the Year poll.  Did you?  Do they need to pay Playboy royalties for this?)

Winning female - Helen Mirren (funny that the headline didn’t even mention the male winner)

Winning male - David Beckham (I had to read the article for that info)

You know you are getting old when a few of the names on the list are completely unknown to you. Who is Cheryl Cole? (number 5)

One more observation on this - L.A. Fitness, an American company does a poll and most of the top ranked people are British (what's with that).


President Obama turned the big 5-oh this week. He came home to Chicago (which he has not visited very often during his term) for his birthday and I believe his gift wish is campaign contributions. My favorite Chicago Tribune columnist, Mary Schmich, used his birthday as reason to write about life’s odometer clicking off 50. I like the advice she ended with:
One of the gifts of 50 is coming to understand that however old you get, the age that came before will one day seem very young.


There are and always will be life mysteries I don’t understand. I probably over think too often. Here’s one - baby showers needing a theme. 

Doesn’t the name of the party - baby shower - just provide you with all the theme you need? Did you notice it contains the word ‘baby’. 

Oh and one more point on this subject, weird baby-looking cakes. Really? Does anyone really enjoy cutting up a baby-looking cake? Maybe I could start a new business selling “Bambi” cakes to hunters.


New definition - context - texting from a con man.


Bit of blogger news - 
The Original Bean is having beans. 

That would be my headline if I were to need one.

Jene has a fine blog and running shoes. However the running stuff and the other stuff (child, life, work, music, stories, prime numbers, the typical stuff) are going to be separated into two blogs. Check out her focused on stuff blog today.


I’m not egotist. But some of my comments pretend to be, especially if they are taken out of context (no not a text from a con). I really didn’t mean your post was less interesting than the toast that just popped up. Damn where is the butter?

I can’t blog


Kristina P. said...

I had no idea it was Obama's birthday. See what I know!

lisleman said...

well it's not like he's THE HOFF or something.
Do you celebrate the Hoff's birthday?

W.C. Camp said...

Don't worry I can totally relate to making a sandwich and then forgetting why I am at the hardware store buying more sand. The really funny thing is I have a whole refrigerator of the stuff at home! See we are JUST THE SAME right? W.C.C.

lisleman said...

that's a crunchy idea.  Never food shop hungry - right?  So that's why I always stop at a fast food place before shopping.

Bearmancartoons said...

I am hoping to look back on 90 and think I was young then.  The fact that a: I am that old and b: I still have my wits is good.

Reena Walkling said...

Obama turned 50?

lisleman said...

good plan

lisleman said...

yes on Thursday.  Maybe I paid more attention to it because he is from Chicago.  You are the second one to comment that they didn't know.

TechnoBabe . said...

Helen Mirren is good at everything, and looks so good on top of that. Dang.

Happy Birthday to President Obama. He came into office after a huge mess and I don't know how anyone can ever make it right again. I am glad he is young and strong and intelligent.

Hubby and I are laughing at each other often, forgetfulness is the name of the game around our little hippie house. 

Audreyoka said...

I chuckled about getting old and not knowing names. Before my kids ever tell me a story about a famous person, they'll say "mom do you know who so and so is?" They just KNOW that I probably won't have a clue who the person is.

lisleman said...

I guess forgetfulness is easier to accept if you don't forget to laugh about it.
thanks for sharing.

lisleman said...

But we know it will happen to them someday.  It's not easy to keep adding names to the list in your head.  I'm sure you could ask them about some person from the past that they don't know.

Christina Continelli said...

Again with the bloody toast :-D LOL. Love the Carroll quote. I find it strange that a "Body of the Year" contest even exists.  That there are quantifiable rating systems for our sacks of water, bone, and sinew. "nice spleen man!!"

Stacy said...

You have to have baby shower "theme" so everyone will know how you are decorating the nursery so they can shop appropriately.  :-P

lisleman said...

oh I didn't think decorating was involved.

lisleman said...

thanks I always very proud of my spleen.

Ann in the UP said...

Oh, my yes, the memory thing.  I typed a letter, sent it to the printer, folded it and then set it down.  Looked for it for 15 minutes before the mailman came.  It was under the laptop. And I'm not that close to 90!

lisleman said...

The here-after problem - you keep asking yourself what am I here after?  Most younger ones would question why you are sending regular mail instead of email or a text.
thanks for remembering to share that story!

Jene said...

Happy Friday, indeed. Have you seen the Cakewrecks site? They have a lot to say on the topic of baby-shaped cakes (and other-shaped cakes, too!) - it's one of my favorite time-wasting websites.

Thanks for the lovely shoutout. Still not too sure how the split blogs are going to go, but there have been people asking me about shorts and foods and training plans, and I just don't want that to take over my blog, know what I mean?

I don't know exactly why, but I've always loved that Carroll line. Just the randomness of it, I suppose.

lisleman said...

As I started to write my FF post, that line popped into my head but I didn't remember the whole thing.  Google searching is amazing.
I'll check out cake wrecks.

Shrinky said...

I love Helen Mirren came top, she's older than me, it gives me hope!  Getting older is better than the alternative, but what I wouldn't give to be able to go back for the body I had once, but with the brain I have today.. Oscar Wilde had it right, "Such a pity youth is wasted on the youth"!

lisleman said...

I agree about the youth.  Since I don't know you in real life, I will assume you are spot on about yourself too.  (hey did you notice my "spot on" - brilliant use of British slang?)

Doreenb8 said...

I can always count on you for a good laugh when I need one!  Have a great weekend:)

lisleman said...

Thanks for letting me know I fulfilled your laugh request.  It's a fun task.

Steve Elsaesser said...

Osama turned 50? I thought we shot him in Pakistan...

And since I now know two Peeps with an icebox full of sand in a kitchen smelling like burnt toast--you, Sir are going on my sidebar. Don't want to miss a single clown. I might even become one!

Ocean Girl did not send me here, but I scrolled over her blog to find you. Thanks!
Steve E

(How might I trade in my 'last name' for the letter 'E' in comments? If you could help?)

Brandi. said...

I LOVE Alice In Wonderland. =)

lisleman said...

About the name change - just put the name you want in the DISQUS profile.  Look for edit profile under your name.  Also you should put your blog link in there too.

secret agent woman said...

I figure the next president may well finally be someone younger than me.  That will be odd.

lisleman said...

It was odd for me.  Not to get all political but a good balance of wisdom and energy is useful.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

Weird looking baby cakes - it's like the movie Steel Magnolias when they have the blood red armadillo groom's cake.  I just can't imagine hacking into a baby cake, blood red or not!

con-text -- I like it!

lisleman said...

thanks - seems like it's been awhile since you shared a comment up here.  Are you done traveling for awhile?

Kristin_The_Goat said...

It has been a long time.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with how far behind I am in my blog reading.  I'm going to have to just start from here and move forward instead of trying to catch up.  I am done traveling for a month or so.  I got invited on another road trip in Sept. but am not sure I can swing it lol 

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