Sunday, August 07, 2011

every picture tells a story

The simple story these three pictures tell is:

We have enjoyed the live music, wine tasting, cheese eating evenings at the Morton Arboretum this summer.   Also (the last one), I like odd humorous art.

The post title might be familiar to many my age. I didn't care much for that song but I really liked "Maggie May". It always reminds me of a girl named Margaret who went by Peggy but could have changed her nickname to Maggie. I dated her for a short while but I don't think it was in May.

Not related but I want to share this link to another story I read today.  Very to touching story with a lesson about the challenges of life.  Mary Schmich's Chicago Tribune column.

Enjoy more pictures at Unknown Mami's SIMC feature.

Unknown Mami

another circus 


secret agent woman said...

Music, wine and cheese - nice way to spend some time.

lisleman said...

it was even better on the evenings with a cool breeze.

Barbara said...

Austin holds a free live music "Blues on the Green" every Thursday in the summer but I've still never made it! Fingers crossed for next summer... 

lisleman said...

I drove through Austin so long ago.  I think Texas still wasn't part of the union then.  Since then the picture of Austin I have is one of music and fun times.  I base that on Austin City Limits and SXSW event.  Like I said I have not been there in a long long time - do I need a passport?

oceangirl said...

we love all rod stewart songs, for many reasons including the lyrics.

Sheila Burke said...

well.  NOW I know what song I'll be singing all day!  :)
Great pics... love that tree, very funky!

Kristin_The_Goat said...

People do the craziest things!  I have seen, online, where people have covered hundreds of things with knitting.  It's so odd and crazy and yet it's pretty cool looking.  If I were in a boat I'd be asking for help, too.  I really dislike being in small boats.

lisleman said...

Just my guess - the artist was playing with the lifeboat idea.  Small boats are fine in small quiet body of water.

unknownmami said...

I love Rod Stewart and humor and funky art.

lisleman said...

Hey thanks for making the SIMC rounds.  Have you listened to his  old American standards albums?  I like his duet of "Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered " with Cher.

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