Saturday, July 23, 2011

stay tuned

You know what?   Nobody will know what "stay tuned" means in a few years.  When is the last time (or have you ever) tuned in anything?  Tuning as in actually turning a dial to fine a station.  Anybody know what rabbit ears on your TV were?  Someday it will be, anybody remember TV?

I'm getting off that tangent.

Stay tuned or keep your browser ready or check your blog reader or go back to bed and see me Sunday.

I just want to say "New food found not safe - more at 10".  

NO - this Sunday I will start Lisleman's Left-over Laughs aka LLL.

You will know it when you see either of the following bladges.

I can’t blog

I can’t blog

Are you excited?

Alright go back to bed.


oceangirl said...

I'm tuning in..50% excited:)

i like the second bladge but she's not lisleman:)

when is it again? ok sunday. can i go back to my tv now? (kidding - i haven't turn on the tv, not at all, in two weeks i think)

unknownmami said...

I have rabbit ears on both my TVs.

Jobs For Stay At Home Moms said...

nice posting! Thanks for sharing.

lisleman said...

thanks I hope you join and link-up

lisleman said...

poor rabbits - No cable then? or are you keeping the rabbit ears for nostalgia.
Being in the city (my understanding) does give you quite a few stations without cable.  Are they the old type of rabbit ears or do they look like satellite antennas?  Why am I asking?  I just don't know.
thanks and I look forward to you joining and linking up to LLL.  It will be open for more than a week.

unknownmami said...

No cable, just rabbit ears and they look like rabbit ears.

secret agent woman said...

I know all those television terms, even though I no longer have TV.  But tuning still works on the radio dial.

lisleman said...

Yes but many (almost all new ones) of the radios have digital controls that take away the interesting tuning noise as the frequency just starts to come in.  Here's an old radio memory - push button car radios where the push button was a mechanical  type thing that actual moved the indicator dial around.
Oh the readers would enjoy one of your funny posts if you could share one on Sunday or the next day.

joaniemack said...

I will definitely come back tomorrow (today?  it's 12:17 am Sunday as I type this).  I"M interested to see what this LLL is about!

lisleman said...

Thanks - I'm just about to post it.  Now if the internet connection survives the thunderstorm that just rolled in - I'll be good to go.

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